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Metering and Data Collection

Access accurate energy usage data

Case Studies

Guarantee Laundries Limited
Established in 1901, Guarantee is an independently-owned business with sites in ..
Connect Distribution
Connect Distribution Services Ltd began trading in 1969 and boasts a pedigree of..
Forthglade Foods
Established in 1971, Devon-based Forthglade Foods has over 45 years’ expertise i..
The Facts

Insights Hub for Energy Management

Why data is key to being energy efficient and reducing your bottom line

The Covid-19 global pandemic has seen the largest ever annual fall in CO2 emissi..

All you need to know about SECR

Why Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR)? SECR is one of the many ene..

All you need to know about the Targeted Charging Review

All you need to know about the latest Ofgem regulation which may mean future inc..