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How can I reduce costs within my business?

By implementing a procurement strategy and being meticulous about supplier management. BCR Associates take time to fully understand your business and your requirements, developing bespoke strategies to mitigate risk, reduce essential spend, increase efficiencies and ensure compliance providing an end-to-end service allowing you to concentrate on your core business. 

Why should I outsource my procurement?

Many companies do not have a dedicated procurement department in-house and can easily be bogged down with administration and time spent managing suppliers and third parties. BCR Associates can work with you to design a purchasing strategy that meets your business’ needs.  

Im a business owner looking at ways to improve efficiencies; how much will it cost to review my business?

We pass on any savings identified back to our clients and account management is included at no extra fee.

How can I ensure that my business is compliant with Government regulations?

Government regulations are increasingly becoming more and more a part of running a business with hefty fines incurred for non-compliance. At BCR Associates we pride ourselves in being ahead of the game when it comes to regulations, always providing our clients with the most up to date information. 


Can I get a better price by phoning around?

The energy market is very volatile with fluctuating prices and complicated contracts. Whilst it is possible for us to be beaten on price alone, our expert consultants will ensure that you have the best product that fits your business requirements at a reflective market price, complying with all government legislations and removing the time consuming process of shopping around. 

Can you help get a new meter fitted?

Yes, we can deliver an end-to-end infrastructure solution, managing all site work, liaising with all relevant parties and managing the energy procurement.

How can BCR Associates manage P272 for my business?

Our experts will assess your business situation and offer clarity in managing the transition to Half Hourly metering, we will:

  • Help uncover vast cost saving potential
  • Ensure all deadlines are met and safeguard against any potential supplier admin charges
  • Make recommendations and help with Data Collector (DC) setup, choosing the right supplier for your business
  • Provide detailed reporting for thorough energy usage management

What does the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) mean for businesses?

ESOS audits are set to be carried out every 4 years, the purpose being to make businesses more mindful of the energy they use, make changes to cut out energy waste, and potentially achieve savings on energy bills. Not only does ESOS create a platform for money to be saved but is also hoped to act as a catalyst for change within qualifying businesses when it comes to energy usage. Affecting every level and area of business, ESOS hopes to create a cohesive energy conscious organisation.  


If I move my telecoms away from BT, will I still get the same level of service?

Yes, you will receive an improved service as we offer a dedicated account manager for each client. This coupled with our long-standing relationship with our telecoms suppliers means that you will experience an improved level of service.

Is it possible to create coterminous end dates?

Yes, due to our flexible relationship with our suppliers we can negotiate bespoke contracts. This reduces the administrative burden as all contracts will be ready for renewal at the same time, improving efficiencies, allowing you to focus on your core business. 

Can I have Super-Fast Broadband?

Yes, absolutely, so long as your Local exchange is FTTC ready. This is something that we can check on your behalf and advise on all necessary changes ensuring that you receive a full end to end solution.  

How can I transfer calls around my building?

BCR Associates can carry out a full telecoms review to ensure that your system is optimised to your exact requirement.  Our telecoms service includes: transferring calls around your office, configuring hunt groups and setting up answerphone service for all your extensions.



Why do I need business insurance?

Business insurance is a general term which covers your business in the event of an emergency or unforeseen circumstances, protecting you against everyday risk. The exact cover needed depends on your business and may be a legal requirement. Our expert insurance providers will work with you to understand your business and tailor your insurance policy to meet your exact needs.

Ive currently got Public Liability insurance but do I need Directors' and Officers' Liability insurance as well?

Many companies make the mistake of thinking that having Public Liability is Directors’ and Officers’ Liability insurance is liability insurance payable to key personnel, offering financial protection for business owners, directors and officers of a company. It covers the costs of compensation claims made against your director(s) and key personnel.  

How are my Insurance premiums calculated?

The amount of insurance premiums charged is based on a calculation of risk factors carried out by the insurance underwriter. The greater the risk, the higher the premium you will pay. Insurance companies assess the level of risk involved in the daily operation of your business and any factors that may influence your premium. For example, the size of your business, the industry it operates in, the type of work you do, if you have claimed previously and the cover you require.


Do I need Credit Insurance?

Credit Insurance provides protection against B2B customers failing to pay their credit agreement with your business. A company’s debt book is usually one of their biggest assets and we know that customer can pay late, enter insolvency or even go bankrupt.

Credit insurance protects your business against bad debt and the knock-on effect it can have on your cash flow, ensuring monies are reimbursed.  


Im a business owner and Im having trouble with my cashflow. Can you help?

Most businesses have cashflow issues at some point in time but there are simple processes you can put in place to help prevent it:

  • Forecast – keep a simple spreadsheet listing income and costs for the next 6-12 months
  • Keep on top of payments – invoice promptly and chase payments 

Im having problems with customers paying on time; how can I prevent this situation?

Late payment of invoices is one of the biggest reasons a company fails. Credit check your clients and suppliers before working with them and make your credit terms and conditions obvious from the start.  Failing this you could always consider invoice finance

Is crowdfunding a viable option to raise finance for my business?

Crowdfunding is becoming a more and more popular way of raising capital and is accessible for all business types with several benefits, however it also comes with risks and take up is not guaranteed. Businesses should be vigilant when entering an agreement ensuring they know exactly the terms of payments they are agreeing too.  

We do business with companies outside the UK, what should I be looking out for?

One of the main things to look out for is Foreign exchange. Risks can arise from not having an FX strategy in place or fully understanding potential problems.  For example, purchasing products priced in a foreign currency, receiving foreign currency for your goods, oversea assets, changing exchange rates etc. There are several solutions that can be put in place to protect your business. 

Business supplies

What is business supplies?

With our extensive portfolio of products and services, we can provide one stop solutions using a single supplier for all your office and business supplies, increasing productivity and reducing expenditure, improving business efficiency as well as reducing your carbon footprint.

Ive used the same stationery provider for years, why should I change?

With our extensive using a single supplier for all your office and business supplies, increasing productivity and reducing expenditure, improving business efficiency and reducing your carbon footprint.

Were thinking of moving offices, is this something you can help with?

Yes. We provide tailor made solutions for your business and have a dedicated team who can provide a range of cost effective interiors, from office chairs to a fully managed refurbishment projects across multiple sites. 


If you can beat my current supplier on cost, is it because the turnaround time is greater?

Not only can we guarantee you a 10% reduction on costs for all your business supplies, our suppliers are exceptionally responsive to customer needs and provide a same day and next day delivery service, with 95% of stock being delivered the next day if ordered before 4pm.  

HR and H&S

Were an SME and have employed HR personnel; why would I need additional support?

There are a range of different consultancy packages and advice available to suit your business needs. Outsourced HR consultancies can provide flexible, practical employment support, in addition to your internal resources, meaning you can be confident that you are meeting all legal requirements as an employer.

Whats the benefit of outsourcing HR?

Human resources management is vast; most small to medium sized businesses rarely have an HR team and often the responsibility falls on a manager or finance director. Whether you require a full HR package or adhoc advice, our consultants can advise you on employment law, employment contracts and other documentation, pensions, payroll or health & safety. 

Im not sure if were complying to the correct health and safety legislations, can you help?

Yes, depending on your requirements our expert suppliers can provide advice, visit your premises and evaluate your compliance with health and safety legislation. Based on their findings, they can either provide you with continuous health and safety support allowing your business to stay compliant, dealing with issues as they arise and provide bespoke training if you prefer to manage it internally.  

Is it more cost effective to outsource payroll?

Generally larger businesses can afford to maintain internal payroll resources; however, it can prove to be expensive for smaller companies when you consider time spent, software costs, training costs, printing and distribution of payslips, creating tax documents and being compliant with HMRC regulations. 


What does Water Deregulation mean?

Due to take place in April 2017 England. When the water market deregulates, non-household customers will be able to switch water supply to any company that is a licensed provider. A similar process previously occurred in Scotland. Having studied the transition closely, the Water Services Regulation Authority (OFWAT) has been able to learn many lessons before the same widespread water deregulation is applied throughout England.

How will a water audit benefit my company?

A water audit may be able to reduce your bills and improve your company's water footprint without affecting business efficiencies. Our comprehensive review of water consumption can eliminate waste by identifying and ensuring correct meterage, charges match supply, any rebates your company may be entitled to, potential leaks in addition to providing cost saving advice on a range of technologies to improve efficiencies. 

What risks might my business face when the water deregulation comes in to affect?

Whilst on open water market may provide a favourable environment for improved service delivery and competition on price, non domestic consumers should not enter into a new contract expecting the best solution for their business as what may appear to be a favourable contract may hold hidden intricacies that could work for the supplier and against the consumer. We recommend businesses seek expert advice.



Is telematics the way forward?

Vehicle telematics allow business owners to take control of their fleet and maximise efficiency whilst cutting costs at the same time. To find out more, talk to your BCR Associates relationship manager today.

Should I buy or lease a company car?

Both come with advantages and disadvantages but it generally makes more sense for a company to lease vehicles rather than invest in outright purchases.  Our consultants are experienced in securing complete vehicle solutions to meet your requirements. 

If you have a specific question which isn’t available on our FAQs, please get in touch via our contact page.