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The fact that over 90% of our clients come to us via referral from accountants, bank managers, financial advisers, and other professionals speaks volumes for the level of service we provide and the integrity we apply to our work.

Working with BCR Associates helps our professional partners add value to their client base. As procurement consultants, BCR Associates works hard to support businesses in becoming more efficient, sustainable, and profitable, as well as protecting against business risk.

By reviewing contracts and associated spend, BCR Associates’ consultants procure the right solution, providing guidelines on the most suitable costs, contract lengths, and terms & conditions. Our fully managed service delivers client-side time savings, leaving owners/managers free to focus on day-to-day business affairs.

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What are the benefits to you and your clients?

  • Demonstrate an understanding of your clients’ needs outside of your day-to-day interactions
  • Reinforce your business relationship with clients and improve client lifetime value
  • Demonstrate outstanding customer service with tangible client benefits
  • Introduce your clients to experts in a wide range of essential spend areas
  • Demonstrate commitment to the long-term success of your clients’ business
  • Provide guidance to clients on legislative issues such as SECR and ESOS
  • Generate additional income should you wish
  • Clients will receive regular cost reviews and reports on services taken including savings and efficiencies made




Opportunities within your client base

Some examples of our ideal client: 

  • Organisations from all sectors 
  • Clients with £800,000+ turnover, with more than 10 employees 
  • Businesses who spend over £60k on essential spends such as Energy, Communications, Insurance, and Business Supplies 
  • Companies without an appointed procurement manager 
  • Businesses experiencing infrastructure or procurement challenges 
  • Clients looking to improve efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint
  • Companies with multiple sites or complex needs

How it works

We go further than other procurement providers to understand more about our clients’ business. We carry out a thorough review of existing contracts and regulatory requirements before negotiating any new agreements.

The five stages of introducing a new client are: 

  1. You recommend your client directly to us.
  2. We will contact them directly, (with your approval) to gain an understanding of their business and establish areas to be reviewed.
  3. We negotiate and tender for the best and most suitable terms and present a report highlighting solutions identified. There is no obligation or cost to you or your client, and, if you do not wish to proceed, we are always available for impartial advice!
  4. If your client wishes to proceed, we will implement our findings and take responsibility for any paperwork and supplier transfer work applicable.
  5. Going forward we will offer a fully managed service, administer renewals, and stay in regular contact with you.

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