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Businesses in the hospitality sector have the unique challenge of providing an outstanding and memorable guest experience whilst honing their green credentials. In addition to this, a changing economic landscape is putting pressure on costs in general. Energy consumption is one area that can be easily assessed and suitable solutions found to improve cost efficiencies.

Typical challenges in this sector:

  • Understanding and monitoring which areas of the business and equipment are efficient

The hospitality sector presents a diverse range of environments and needs. With chefs beginning food preparation early in the day, guests leaving electrical items switched on, public areas causing issues with lighting, heating and open doors, and offices and stores operating behind the scenes, each area can be a sink hole of wasted energy. We provide a considered monitoring plan giving clients visibility of key areas of the business and allowing energy saving opportunities to be identified.

  • Providing an outstanding customer experience whilst remaining energy efficient

Hotels, restaurants and indeed all businesses within the hospitality sector are focused on giving excellent customer service. Your guest arrives into the warm and inviting interior of your establishment where efficiency is not considered compatible with luxury. We provide intelligent controls that balance the ambience you need through heating, lighting and air quality, whilst keeping energy usage to a minimum.

  • Control systems that vary each day

With staff and guests coming and going through your door every day, and varying light and temperature according to the season, your building needs to respond to those changes to minimise problems. Many buildings will have cooling and heating running simultaneously in conflict, or lighting in already bright areas where it could be switched off or dimmed. We work with you on your energy strategy to identify areas where control of systems can provide a rapid return on investment.

  • Managing staff behaviours to be energy efficient

No matter how good your company’s energy strategy and the technology it uses to increase efficiency, success will depend on all staff engaging with the initiatives. Influencing behavioural change is an effective and possibly the cheapest way to reduce consumption. Our Energy Managers can provide your employees with technical and practical advice to encourage them to contribute to the company’s energy efficiency goals.

  • Compliance with regulations

Energy regulations and legislation are constantly evolving, with the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) and P272 being three of those currently in place. We can guide you in meeting the requirements for each of these and help you to remain compliant.

  • Spiralling costs

With the hospitality sector experiencing rising costs in food, staffing and business rates, as well as feeling the impact of the increase in the minimum wage, profits in this sector are being squeezed. We help businesses improve their profitability by optimising their energy efficiency with an effective energy strategy

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