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Case Studies

Sarah Revell

Brean Leisure Park

Industry Sector: Leisure

Client Testimonial:

BCR Associates has helped us to take a more energy efficient approach to the business, quickly achieving cost savings and allowing us to look at how the business could become more
environmentally friendly in the future.”

Alan House, Director

Project Summary:

  • The client wanted to reduce electricity consumption on site and improve green credentials
  • BCR-ECS carried out on-site reviews and desktop data reporting to establish where savings could be made and formulate a robust energy strategy
  • The client invited BCR-ECS Energy Manager to have regular presence on-site to establish a culture of change throughout the business

The Client: Brean Leisure Park

Operating for over 70 years, Brean Leisure in Somerset is the South West’s largest independently owned holiday park incorporating a large leisure park complex.

The Challenge:

Brean Leisure wanted to combat rising costs of energy through improved efficiency, moderated consumption and ultimately see a reduction in the environmental impact of the business operation.

The Solution:

We began working with key stakeholders to build and implement an energy strategy to incrementally reduce electricity consumption on site. We carried out a full review of Meter Operator contracts (MOPs), data collection and aggregation agreements, as well as Distributor Network Operator (DNO) agreements to ensure compliance with Ofgem regulation DCP 161.

Understanding the importance of measuring and monitoring consumption, we also carried out a full audit of all energy billing and assisted with the provision of new metering.

Our OsEM worked with Brean staff to carry out an onsite review and to ensure engagement and encourage a change in mindset, which will help to realise base-load cost savings.

The Results:

Cost savings have been realised in a number of areas following a review of existing contracts and streamlining working practices. Having carried out a full assessment of the capacity required to site we confirmed that the client would not fall foul of additional capacity charges and were compliant with DCP 161. So that the client could manage this going forward, we provided full access to data reporting. The client will then be able to apply for additional capacity if needed in the future.

Due to our long-standing relationship with our supply partners we were able to alleviate any potential delays to site works that were being carried out at the leisure park and have successfully delivered new metering ahead of schedule.

BCR-ECS has been integrated into the business and continues to work with Brean to build a long-term, sustainable energy strategy for them. Having also consulted on renewable solutions, introduced staff KPIs and supported training, we continue to help Brean to save money and improve its environmental credentials.

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