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wholesale and industry

Wholesale and distributiontypical challenges in this sector:

  • Capital-intensive
  • Multiple sites
  • High energy costs
  • Complex insurance needs
  • Expense of new technologies
  • Maintaining H&S and compliance
  • Increasing demand for sustainable operations

The wholesale and distribution sector is under increasing pressure to champion excellent customer service and add even more value to its customer relationships. Margins in the industry are often tight and it is, therefore, crucial for businesses to manage their operations and supply chain effectively to ensure a sustainable competitive advantage. Businesses in this sector typically have a variety of issues to consider which impact their efficiency. The number of sites and sheer scale of each, high energy costs, health and safety considerations and compliance issues, as well as high insurance costs, can all impact an organisation’s bottom line.

We have worked with a variety of clients in this sector and understand the challenges they face. Our team has the expertise to review the services throughout your business and provide solutions for rationalising your costs, allowing you to focus on your core activities and maintain a competitive advantage.

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