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Cost rationalisation

In an ever-changing economy where financial uncertainty is rife, keeping control of your business overheads is crucial.

This can often be a daunting task, especially if your procurement strategies have evolved organically. BCR Associates understand that consolidating your essential spend is a huge undertaking and can be costly in terms of time and man-hours. This is where advice from industry experts can be invaluable and employing a third party can help you and your management team to shoulder the responsibility.

Our experts work with a variety of company types across a wide range of industry sectors and understand that each business is different. Each business that we work with has a unique reporting structure, distinctive company set-up with differing cash flow requirements. Whether we are dealing with a private limited manufacturing company with one site or a multi-site hotel chain, we focus on finding a bespoke solution that meets your business needs.

Rather than focusing on a particular service area, our holistic approach means that we analyse all aspects of your purchase ledger, identifying where savings and efficiencies can be made.

This approach helps you to release unnecessary outgoings by cutting overspend and our full account management services ensures that renewals are not missed. You will benefit from our consultant’s expertise and in-depth knowledge of our supply chain, making sure that you are always on the right contract for your business and that your running costs are as lean as they can be.  

We will help you to increase administrative efficiency, free-up your time and remove the hassle of dealing with suppliers, carrying out tender negotiations and managing all paperwork.

We aim to support your plans for the future, be it growth, change or consolidation. Whatever your business challenges, we can help to streamline your essential business spend, freeing up additional budget and giving you the flexibility to build foundations for future growth and stability.

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