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Professional services


  • Poor IT solutions
  • Insufficient telecoms systems in place
  • Employee retention
  • Dealing with client expectations
  • Leadership and internal change issues

The professional services sector is under increasing pressure to provide competitor-beating service levels and substantial added value for their clients. As a professional service company we understand the strain on resources this causes for firms across the industry, together with the pressure of achieving tighter margins, and have helped numerous companies in the sector to become more cost-efficient.

As professional services personnel progressively become much more mobile with clients demanding more accessibility, IT and telecoms, in particular, are areas in which we are often required to assist. Typical service improvements include:

  • Voicemail to email - converts voicemail messages to sound files delivered to your email giving you the ability to listen via computer or smart device
  • Mobile twinning - allows you to link an external number, typically a mobile number, to your desk extension; when your desk phone rings, your twinned phone will also ring
  • Converged voice and data - a purpose-built combined voice and data network from a single provider with full visibility and control over both voice and data services

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