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PHONE systems


  • Are you moving premises and need to upgrade your systems?
  • Are you experiencing poor connectivity?
  • Are you finding that certain systems are prohibitively expensive?
  • Are you struggling to find a systems solution that is right for your business?


There are many cheaper operators available but it's important not to be lured by price alone. Our expertise lies in being able to compare all Terms and Conditions across our supply chain and confirm the solution that is right for our client.

Our range of telecoms systems solution includes:


Traditional phone systems run on the country’s PSTN (copper) and ISDN (digital) framework. These telephony solutions have no scope to be upgraded and are due to become obsolete from 2025 when the Government has targeted switching off the traditional framework.

Our experts can help you source a new Hybrid or Hosted solution that is right for your business and can future-proof your business and bring your internal technology up to modern standards.

Hybrid PBX systems

These are phone systems that can run over the traditional PSTN or ISDN lines, but can also be upgraded to use SIP technology. 

SIP Trunking - SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is a technology that allows you to make calls over an IP connection: typically, over a Leased Line or EFM circuit rather than over a traditional phone network. This helps to reduce costs and maximise network investment.

SIP allows you to have more flexibility than a traditional phone service because you can take your number with you if you move, no matter where in the country you go; alternatively, you can market your business locally to a specific area even if you are not based in that area.

The benefits of SIP:

  • Make the most of your existing network investment - Using a data network for all calls saves on the rental costs of running a traditional voice network. You’ll have just one network making it simpler for your IT team to manage
  • Reassurance that calls won’t be missed - Calls are given priority over other data so if the rest of your bandwidth is being used, your voice calls will always be prioritised
  • You can market your business nationally with local numbers - Local numbers can be used outside of local areas to help open up new business opportunities


Typically Hosted systems use VOIP. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology that enables you to make and receive calls using an internet (or private network) connection: typically, over a broadband connection instead of your standard phone line.

If you have a reasonable quality internet connection, you can get phone service delivered through your connection. This saves you from paying traditional line rentals as you will have essentially a ‘plug and play’ system where cost is licence/handset based.

Maintenance contracts

We find that certain maintenance contracts for phone systems are redundant. Even though you’re paying for them, on old traditional systems we have found with many clients that they are paying maintenance for obsolete and discontinued systems that are not covered under their agreement.

There are also parts of contracts that could lead to additional costs for any callouts or changes that are required.   

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