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We work with a number of partners, introducers and associations and are proud to have established a large network of businesses encompassing a large variety of sectors. This not only permits members of these groups to access our trusted services to improve their business, but it also allows us to continue to grow our knowledge base. By building reciprocal relationships within our network we are able to underpin our procurement services with a community atmosphere, making sure that the client's best interests are at the heart of everything that we do.



ENSE is a premier buying consortium of catering equipment and supplies in the UK. Offering membership to both suppliers and distributors it promises to deliver results through collaborative commitment from distributor members and manufacturing partners, building stronger relationships between suppliers and distributors and potentially increasing profit and market share. 

Partnering with BCR Associates provides ENSE members with the opportunity to reduce overheads and maximise profitability. To read more about our work with ENSE members, click below. 

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Nemo Dealer Group 

Nemo is an independent business supplies purchasing and marketing dealer group providing members with unrivalled programmes and services to help them grow their business, profitably.  With over 120 independent members, NEMO offers customers everything for the workplace on a local and national basis. 

BCR Associates work with NEMO members to help eliminate waste on essential spend, rationalise procurement costs and improve efficiencies.

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The South West Business Council

SWBC is the economic partnership for the South West of the UK. We shine a spotlight on regional capabilities that are ahead of the field nationally and around the world, providing evidence of the South West’s differentiation in a global marketplace and providing a single voice that describes an open, innovative, dynamic and exciting region.

South West Business Council activities are supported by private sector membership. We focus on bringing new opportunities to life for our members by operating as an enabler, a catalyst and an honest broker and by sharing strategic insight and information.

BCR Associates are silver members of the SWBC, we regularly attend their events and were asked to speak at their most recent conference. We offer our procurement and efficiency expertise across the membership to help ensure long-term business success.  

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The Gauge & Tool Makers Association 

GTMA is a UK-based trade association representing leading companies in precision engineering, rapid product development, toolmaking, tooling technologies, metrology and other critical manufacturing related products and services.

GTMA members receive a range of benefits and can take advantage of cost savings in areas like insurance and medical cover; as well as a range of business assistance services, technology advice, marketing activities, knowledge transfer and networking, and many others.

BCR Associates work with GTMA to add value and provide their members with cost management advice to reduce expenditure and have presented at a number of their seminars.

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To find out out more about working with BCR Associates, contact us.

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