• Overspend
  • Substandard kit
  • Intricacies of using mobile devices overseas

how we can help

BCR Associates make good use of our panel of suppliers to cater for your business mobile needs. We offer a series of integrated services that extend beyond the headline device and data bundle choices and adapt as your business evolves.

Why choose BCR Associates?

With over 10 years of mobile experience, BCR Associates are in a well-founded position to offer all the Mobile Networks. This is because each network understands that we provide an extra level of outstanding customer service and our unique position means that we are able to offer the best solution from which ever network you prefer.

We’re also able to give you:

  • Preferential rates for calls to your business mobiles
  • Flexible contracts
  • Holistic approach to ensure risk, HR and business growth plans are incorporated into solution
  • Fixed/ mobile solutions that work with free calling across the entire voice estate
  • The assurance and flexibility of working with a network operator that's also a systems integrator
  • Competitive PAYU tariffs
  • Corporate group data bundles
  • Optimised for BYOD but with the flexibility of SIM only subscriptions
  • Proactive account management that helps lower costs and improve service
  • One bill/all services solution - keep an eye on costs, maximise savings
  • Customers choose their preferred device, no restrictive conditions
  • Benefits of a single point of contact
  • Data and application security that goes beyond Mobile Device Management
  • Reduced data roaming charges

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