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Mobiles are an increasingly important part of many businesses and this complex and fast-moving market needs specialist advice to avoid high costs and draining your internal resources. BCR Associates can help your business to overcome typical mobile challenges and manage mobile costs with maximum efficiency.

typical challenges


High costs and contract overspend

We can help you to proactively control your mobile costs through remote management. This entails setting spending caps, alerts and thresholds which can be completely bespoke to your individual requirements. These can be set for voice, text or data, for individuals or for the entire company. Our customer services team are on hand to deal with any urgent issues that may come up, e.g. barring for staff leavers.

Complex and fixed-term contracts

For those businesses with larger mobile portfolios and multiple contract end-dates our experts can help you to align your contract end-dates so that they are easier to manage. It's likely that your mobile contract will be fixed over a two year period, however, we can help you to build completely bespoke tariffs tailored to suit your individual business needs.

Mobile misuse by staff

Through the effective use of alerts we can help you to alleviate any issues around misuse by staff. Your dedicated customer services representative is available by phone or email if you need to suspend or cease a lost or stolen SIM and can often bar handsets too. We can also reissue SIM cards as and when required and swap numbers from one card to another in real-time.

Managing staff travel overseas

The key to avoiding unwanted overspend when staff travel overseas is prior knowledge. All you need to do is notify us before your staff member travels and we can add the relevant bolt-on package to avoid overage charges. Worst case scenario we can arrange for an alert to be set up so that you are notified if a staff member leaves the UK and has not notified you. If this is the case we can add additional data roaming packages, there and then, to avoid any further additional charges or simply bar roaming usage entirely.

Substandard kit that is not fit for purpose

Due to our in-depth knowledge of the telecoms marketplace, we only offer the best and most reliable technology in the market to ensure that your business is equipped with the most up-to-date and effective devices for your needs.

Lack of understanding of staff usage 

Through our preferred mobile suppliers we can offer you detailed reporting on employee mobile usage. Invoices can be broken down by subsites and device owner where applicable helping you to understand your staff mobile usage across your whole business. This will enable you to understand where overspend occurs and provide the information you need to address the issues as you see fit.
Intricacies of aligning data usage and mobiles For businesses that have both a mobile portfolio and data portfolio linked to other devices used within their business (e.g. Ipads, PDQ ordering systems) we are able to ensure that you have contracts that finish on the same end dates. Your dedicated customer services representative will help you to actively manage billing which, once consolidated, will make it far easier for you to achieve a stressfree contract renewal.
Poor or variable signal quality Staff working remotely or at different sites may experience issues with phone signal. Signal quality across network providers varies throughout the UK. Equipping the mobiles in your portfolio with multi-network capability should help to overcome this problem. Our multi-network SIM solution will help users struggling to get connectivity on one network as the device will automatically switch to the network with the best signal at that time.

Why choose BCR Associates?

With over 10 years of mobile experience and a dedicated customer service team, BCR Associates is in an excellent position to offer all the mobile networks. This is because each network understands that we provide an extra level of outstanding customer service and our unique position means that we are able to offer the best solution for whichever network you prefer.

We offer a series of integrated services that extend beyond the headline device and data bundle choices and adapt as your business evolves.

We’re also able to give you:

  • Preferential rates for calls to your business mobiles
  • A holistic approach to ensure risk, HR and business growth plans are incorporated into your chosen solution
  • Fixed/ mobile solutions that work with free calling across the entire voice estate
  • The assurance and flexibility of working with a network operator that's also a systems integrator
  • The flexibility of sim only subscriptions
  • Proactive account management that helps maintain costs and improves service
  • One bill/ all services solution enabling us to keep an eye on costs and maximise your business profit
  • Clients choose their preferred device with no restrictive conditions
  • No automated messages, talk to an actual person and come straight through to your dedicated customer service representative

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