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metering and data 

For an organisation where energy is a strategic spend, it is important to measure and monitor the usage accurately. In some organisations, energy can be second only to staff or raw material costs but typically does not have the robust monitoring or procedures that other cost centres have. We are highly experienced and can cater for all your metering needs. If you are looking for a new meter connection, to upgrade, or for management of your data, we can help you…


visible energy

An online platform that brings complete visibility of your energy usage and emissions. Allowing your business to analyse, monitor and manage its energy and make informed decisions. Our experts will guide you through the process  

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secondary metering

Secondary metering systems provide a more comprehensive level of data, ensures accurate billing and is essential for high energy users. We provide an end-to-end service on the upgrade or new installation for your meter.

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sub metering

An intensive flexible solution to monitor your energy consumption at circuit level. Track and monitor energy by area, activity and specific equipment to optimise energy efficiency and reduction.

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