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Tom  Morris

Tom Morris

Operations Systems and Data Executive

Prior to joining BCR Associates two years ago, Tom worked in both web development and customer service. He joined us as Apprentice Operations Assistant and having also spent some time in our Client Support team, Tom has gone from strength to strength.

His role as Operations Systems and Data Executive sees him administering our internal systems, including the CRM and financial systems, ensuring they continue to remain effective and efficient. Tom also manages our business data and any analysis needed by the management team, as well as ensuring our systems are compliant with regulation. When any system training is required, Tom will provide this, and he also deals with all third party providers within the operations space.

Tom has had a keen interest in IT from an early age. His schooling focused on learning the fundamentals of IT and systems and then he built on this in the work environment. He is developing his knowledge of larger IT systems and their architectures and is about to progress into data analysis in order to innovate ways we can use data to forecast for our business.

Outside of work, Tom is a fan of all outdoor activities be they on water or on land, just as long as they don’t involve heights! He enjoys all genres of music and loves attending music events. Continuing on the computing theme, gaming is also another of Tom’s hobbies.

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