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Suzanne Townsend

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Why it is more important than ever to secure your energy pricing before winter

Date 25 Aug 2020 By Suzanne Townsend in Category Cost Rationalisation, Energy,

SME’s and large corporates are facing additional challenges with working alongside COVID-19 and an economic downturn, minimising risks and controlling costs are now paramount to ensuring resilience and sustainability.

The energy market is highly volatile at the best of times and given the current global climate we are living and working in, it is more volatile than ever. With COVID-19 sweeping across the world, the fear of a second wave in the UK, Brexit, and many...

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The importance of digital transformation and stability in 2020 and beyond.

Date 29 Jul 2020 By Suzanne Townsend in Category Business Report, Telecommunications,

SME’s represent almost 90% of businesses within the UK, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, SME’s stability and resilience is being put to the test. The crisis has demonstrated the necessity for digital transformation and a business’s ability to adopt new working practices to ensure ‘business as usual’.

Covid-19 has rapidly accelerated the pace of digital transformation. Whilst many businesses may have considered new technologies and working practices for the future, many are now having to fast...

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Why data is key to being energy efficient and reducing your bottom line

Date 01 Jul 2020 By Suzanne Townsend in Category Business Report, Energy, Energy and carbon,

The Covid-19 global pandemic has seen the largest ever annual fall in CO2 emissions as many countries have enforced lockdowns. It has been predicted by analysts that in 2020, emissions may fall by about 5%, the equivalent to 2.5bn tonnes of CO2. The UK alone has seen a fall of more than a third during lockdown. However, as the UK eases out of lockdown and businesses get back to work, reduced emissions are likely to...

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