Richard  Lane

Richard Lane

Energy and Carbon Manager

To complement our Energy Procurement service, BCR Associates have recently expanded into the growing Energy Management and Carbon Services sector, specialising in energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions.

Richard joined BCR Associates in 2015 bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and expertise. With a military background, he is a qualified Electrical Engineer with over 7 years’ industry experience having held several practical and consultancy roles. His career to date has provided him with a unique skill set and extensive technical knowledge, specialising in facilities management, renewable energy, electrical and biomass installation. Richard is experienced in working with both single and multi-site companies spanning a number of sectors including: manufacturing, construction, retail and hospitality.

As our Energy and Carbon Manager, Richard’s role is to identify opportunities to improve energy efficiency, reducing consumption, carbon emissions and costs. Richard prides himself in providing bespoke solutions that are realistic and achievable for the client. Taking time to understand the client, their requirements and how their energy is being used, we can propose modifications, design, implement and maintain new systems, providing an end to end service.

Richard has a strong comprehension of government regulations to ensure clients are compliant. By reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions Richard minimises his clients energy spend making sure they fulfil government requirements such as ESOS and P272.

When Richard is not busy renovating his cottage, he enjoys off road cycling and keeping active by making the most of his local surroundings, visiting the beaches and moors with his family. 

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See the light and switch your business to LED lighting!

Date 08 Jun 2017 By Richard Lane in Category Energy, Energy and carbon,

Electricity prices are continuing to rise, with limited resources and increased supply and non-commodity costs driving costs up year on year, experts predict that prices will increase substantially in future years. As overheads go up, the need for businesses to streamline essential spend is becoming more and more prevalent.

Lighting is a crucial component of every business and accounts for almost 20% of energy used in commercial or industrial buildings. Furthermore, lighting can produce significant amounts...

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10 Reasons why your company should appoint an energy manager

Date 28 Mar 2017 By Richard Lane in Category Energy, Energy and carbon,

As demand for energy increases due to the growing global population so does the price of energy, the need to find renewable, sustainable solutions and become more energy efficient. With the cost of energy rising and diminishing resources impacting the world, many companies are beginning to understand that controlling their energy is essential to their sustainability.

Energy efficiency should be considered as highly important from both an ethical and economic point of view, but equally often overlooked...

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