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Martin Robbins

Martin Robbins

Sales Manager

Martin has worked at BCR Associates for over five years and has been in the telecommunications sector for over ten years, both within retail team management and desk-based account management roles.

Martin has three roles at BCR Associates. His main role as Sales Manager means he is responsible for the sales team, ensuring that all our clients receive the highest level of knowledge and expertise.  As Telecoms Supply Chain Manager he works alongside the Head of Client Support with responsibility for the ongoing management and onboarding of our telecommunications supply chain, ensuring our clients receive the very best in terms of value, service and technology that the market has to offer. Martin is also our Network Manager and as such helps provide bespoke solutions, additional sales support and knowledge to our Associates and their clients where required.

With extensive knowledge across our full-service offering, specifically in the negotiation and tendering of contracts, Martin also has in-depth understanding of the relevant government regulations that may impact his clients. He takes pride in helping businesses to navigate this complex area, ensuring that each client procures the right contract to suit their needs.

Martin embraces new technologies and any advances in industry and takes great pride in advising his clients which of these may be of benefit to their business. He excels in building and implementing bespoke solutions and enjoys hearing about the improvements his clients have benefited from by working with BCR Associates. Martin has particular expertise with large consortiums and complex multi-site solutions.

In his free time, Martin enjoys football and skiing. He also likes to spend as much time with his family and young son as possible.

For more information about Martin, please refer to his LinkedIn profile.


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