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Michael  Lock

Michael Lock

Energy and Carbon Manager

As an Energy Consultant, Mike works in an often volatile, complex and fast moving market-place. With nearly ten years’ experience in the energy sector, Mike is proficient in both Energy Procurement and Energy and Carbon Management.

Tackling fluctuating energy prices and ever changing supplier terms and conditions, Mike embraces the fast pace at which Energy Market trends develop, and takes pride in translating these changes into easy to understand terminology for his clients. Mike has developed many long standing relationships with businesses across the UK which he values immensely, and he looks forward to building more relationships where clients will benefit from his experience and enthusiasm.

Our unique relationship with suppliers means that BCR Associates can operate outside of the generic renewal windows, offering clients the chance to build the right solution for their buying needs. As a business, our goal is to help businesses reduce potential cash waste on essential spend - improving the profits for the clients that we work with.

Ensuring that he is at the forefront of industry knowledge, Mike is an active member of both the Energy Institute and Energy Managers Association. He specialises in metering, infrastructure and procurement of energy supply contracts, incorporating carbon reduction and budgeting schemes for clients where necessary. He also has in-depth knowledge of government legislation including MOD428, P272, ESOS and EII.

With a strong skill set and passion for energy management, Mike has been heavily involved in the set-up of our new Energy and Carbon Services department and plays an active role in this space. As part of his work, Mike promotes energy efficiency and the lowering of carbon emissions, highlighting how changes in behaviour can lead to energy consumption reductions. Working closely with businesses to appraise the particular drivers for the reduction in carbon emissions at each site and evaluating the relationship between the working environment and energy consumption.  He also carries out inspections prior to factory relocation, ensuring capacity is suitable for a particular business use and forecasted growth.

Outside of the world of energy, Mike has a passion for fine cuisine and locally sourced produce, and when he’s not busy with family life he enjoys fly fishing, putting his culinary skills to the test by mastering the art of smoking fish. He also enjoys gathering a further appreciation for real ale.

For more information about Michael, please refer to his LinkedIn profile.

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Does your business collect energy efficiency data...?

Date 13 Mar 2019 By Michael Lock in Category Energy, Energy and carbon,

...if not, you might be required to start.
As the need to increase energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions becomes global issue, the UK Governments most recent energy legislation puts the emphasis on the individual business owner/ manager to publicly evidence their efforts to achieve the necessary reductions. 
This new legislation, known as Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR), requires businesses to disclose energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) as part of their Annual Directors Report.
Why streamlined Energy...

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Top 10 tips to drive efficiency through energy and carbon reduction

Date 02 Mar 2017 By Michael Lock in Category Business Report, Energy, Energy and carbon,

With the non-commodity and government levy components of the overall electricity price set to rise exponentially over the next few years, it is becoming increasingly important that businesses take active steps to reduce energy use.

It is unlikely that securing the most competitive energy pricing alone is enough to protect your business' bottom line. To secure future financial stability, steps will need to be taken to manage reductions in energy usage. 

1. Appoint an energy manager

Energy managers are an important attribute, they will...

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