Katie Brook

Katie Brook

Marketing Manager

Katie started at BCR in May 2015 as part of the BCR Associates marketing team. Katie has worked as a professional services marketeer at Flybe Aviation Services and Everys Solicitors. Having studied her Chartered Institute of Marketing Diploma, Katie is responsible for the Marketing strategy for the business and specialises in digital marketing across the BCR Associates network.

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Top 10 things to remember when planning your 2018 budget

Date 15 Dec 2017 By Katie Brook in Category Finance, General,

Budget planning is an integral part of any business regardless of size. Here are our top tips for effective budget planning:

1. Make sure that your budget is aligned with your business strategy.

Developing a comprehensive financial plan for achieving the financial goals of your organisation is a great start but its vital that this is aligned with your short and long-term business goals. If you don’t have the finances to achieve these goals it may...

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What are the benefits of consolidating your business invoices?

Date 14 Dec 2017 By Katie Brook in Category Finance,

The consolidation of a business’ supply chain is not something that is necessarily on the top of a business leader’s priority list. More often than not businesses are resigned to the fact that they deal with a huge variety of suppliers and subsequently need to manage multiple invoices with different settlement terms. The work required to carry out a full supplier review and consolidate all invoices is often a deterrent to getting a seemingly tedious...

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How well are you managing when your business uses electricity?

Date 03 Nov 2017 By Katie Brook in Category Energy, Ensuring Compliance,

Ofgem have announced a major regulation change which will impact the cost of your business’ electricity bills and may affect when you use electricity. This new regulation is called DCP 228 and is one of the latest regulations to impact DUoS (Distribution Use of System) charges and will come into effect from the 1st April 2018.

What is DCP 228?

In-order-to understand this new legislation, it is important to first understand DUoS charges. DUoS is one of the largest non-commodity costs and makes up...

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