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Helen Garner

Helen Garner

Commercial Sales Manager

Helen has over 15 years of experience in the energy industry and specialises in the business energy market. Helen worked previously for Purchase Direct, Energy Quote and most recently EDF Energy, where she was responsible for onboarding new clients and advising on suitable products.

Helen’s role at BCR Associates is to develop long-term new business strategies to further client engagement and manage risk. Helen is responsible for the energy buying strategy for BCR Associates and advises the business, our Associates and our clients accordingly. She also works with suppliers to understand their practices and terms and conditions, as well as keeping up-to-date with the latest energy legislation and regulation.

With a superior knowledge of commodity pricing, strategy and risk management, Helen has a unique relationship with suppliers and has maintained excellent client retention rates. Her skill set lies in analysing and evaluating contractual and product-based documentation, whilst she is particularly proficient at helping clients understand complex situations and finding the most cost-effective way forward for their business, to improve profitability whilst minimising risk.

Being an energy enthusiast, Helen is constantly at the forefront of energy news, legislation and regulation, keeping her finger on the pulse of what can be a complex, volatile market.

Away from BCR Associates, Helen likes to put her energy into her love for music and dance, and is a fully trained fire eater! Helen also has a passion for fitness and regularly participates in charity events. 

For further information about Helen, please refer to her LinkedIn profile.

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Three energy industry compliance changes that you should be aware of

Date 21 May 2020 By Helen Garner in Category Energy, Ensuring Compliance,

Covid-19 has caused much disruption to the business environment as we know it, and this has had an impact on achieving compliance in some regulated areas.

Here’s an update on some of the recent changes to energy legislation that may affect your business:

1. Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)
One of the crucial parts of the assessment process for ESOS compliance is a site visit carried out by a Lead Assessor. Due to social distancing rules, such...

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7 tips on managing energy billing during challenging trading conditions

Date 31 Mar 2020 By Helen Garner in Category Energy, Telecommunications,

During this difficult trading time, we want to offer help, advice and guidance to those that may need it. With some businesses having to temporarily close, controlling costs will be paramount.

As Energy specialists, we’ve devised a list of issues that you may have come across in the past few weeks as well as tips on how to resolve these issues.

1. I would like to take a payment break

If you are considering requesting a payment break...

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5 reasons to secure your energy pricing before winter

Date 30 Jul 2019 By Helen Garner in Category Energy,

With the exception of today's downpour, the UK has enjoyed some stunning weather recently with temperatures reaching record highs, so winter is probably the last thing on your mind!
However, we’re sorry to tell you that the longest day was actually over a month ago and we’ve only got 20 weeks until Christmas! So, whether we like it or not, the winter months are approaching and it’s time to deal with any business energy contracts that are due for...

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