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Greg Julian

Greg Julian

Senior Relationship Manager

Prior to joining BCR Associates Greg worked for Corona Energy and has over seven years’ experience working within the energy industry. During Greg’s time at Corona Energy he worked on various projects, including, implementing cutting-edge ways to incorporate blockchain technology in their product offerings to gain better efficiencies for his clients.

Greg was also responsible for negotiating and procuring all energy contracts for clients. Starting his career in business development, Greg has a comprehensive understanding of the pressures and challenges a business can face.

At BCR Associates Greg manages a panel of clients, with an in-depth knowledge of how the industry works, Greg puts his experience into practice to negotiate the best procurement solutions for his clients and implements tailored strategies which help businesses to procure essential spend more efficiently, while also reducing their exposure to risk.

Greg recently moved to the area with his family and is fully taking advantage of the beautiful and diverse surrounds of Devon, visiting the beautiful beaches and the stunning landscapes on the moors whenever he gets the chance.  Greg is a big fan of spending time outdoors and enjoys camping and adventure sports, however when at home he also likes to dabble in a bit of baking.

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