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Callum Paver

Callum Paver

Relationship Manager

Callum joined BCR Associates after having worked for Vodafone for over two years.  Whilst at Vodafone he excelled in helping clients find bespoke plans and packages to meet their needs. A quick learner, Callum became an advocate of new product launches and a broadband specialist. Dealing with both business and consumer clients, he also held the position of broadband ‘Regional team leader’.

At BCR Associates Callum manages a panel of clients, providing the highest level of support and expert guidance to ensure they obtain the most cost-efficient solutions for their business. 

Owing to his background, Callum’s expertise lies in telecoms, particularly in mobiles, broadband and lines and calls. Having recently started at BCR Associates, Callum is building his knowledge of our core services to include Energy, Insurance and Business Supplies.  

Outside of work, Callum is a fan of rugby, supporting his local team, the Exeter Chiefs, and loves watching his favourite football team, Manchester United. He also enjoys spending time with family and friends. 


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