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Ben and Emma Leighton

Ben and Emma Leighton


About Ben

Based in Bath, Ben works with the team of industry experts at BCR Associates to deliver cost and risk management to his clients. Ben is the cost and risk management consultant of choice for the Bath BID (Business Improvement District). With a background in international events, Ben is used to dealing with complex arrangements and ensuring it all comes together correctly and providing a consistent client experience. Now based in the South West, Ben enjoys seeing all of his clients face-to-face as much as possible giving accountability and ensuring that the client has a single contact they can trust to deliver clear pricing, action all of their needs and provide practical support.

Taking the hassle out of managing your business costs

The markets surrounding business expenditure can be complex and having the time and know-how to tackle them can be difficult. Ben's specialist knowledge means he can ensure you get the best prices available and never get tied up in expensive roll-over renewal contracts that so many companies fall into by not reading the small print. Ben and his team will manage the entire process for you - from the initial cost review, to managing your supply chain, to renewing your contracts.

Ben's role is to free up your time to enable you to work on your business, while he sources the best value for purchasing your key business services.

About Emma                           

Emma Leighton

With the business growing, Emma joined full-time to provide customer follow-up and ensure that clients have all the support that they require once the contract is signed. A keen marketer and businesswoman, Emma enjoys helping local businesses both large and small to run their companies efficiently and smoothly, whilst she ensures that their experience with BCR Associates is a positive journey.

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