Supply chain management

Whether you are a large multi-site corporate or a small independent business, the requirement for third party suppliers is unavoidable, a necessity of running a business.

There are a whole host of essential items that your business requires in order to run efficiently. From the basics, such as switching the lights on in the morning and having a functioning communications system in place, to more complex elements such as business insurance, health and safety and HR, your business will not sustain for long without a robust solution in place.

Unfortunately, when you are faced with juggling the day to day needs of your business it is possible to lose control of spend on these fundamentals. This can lead to an increase in outgoings and, as there is often little time to manage the tendering process effectively, it could mean that uncompetitive contracts are signed off and implemented.

The difficulties of controlling your supply chain are complicated further when dealing with multiple office locations or business sites where an array of different supplier contracts with varying billing and renewal dates are in place. Business administrators are often ill-equipped to take on the vast number of suppliers, all presenting different renewal and end dates, and therefore efficiencies are often missed.

Our team of experienced relationship managers, together with our extensive panel of suppliers, means that we can reduce costs and the administrative burden associated with managing invoices across a range of suppliers and business locations.

We work closely with UK businesses to help improve profitability by cutting overspend on essential services through the consolidation of annual expenditure. Our consultants and associates provide advice, procurement services and account management on all aspects of your business utilities and consumable supply needs. Their knowledge of the supply chain means that they can quickly identify any hidden costs that you may have missed. Our unique relationship with our supply chain means that we can take your requirements to tender, achieving multiple quotations in a timely fashion and commonly reducing billing queries by up to 90%.

Our relationship managers have a thorough understanding of the complexities of the business supply market and the growing need for businesses to have a reliable supply chain. 


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