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Health insurance

Creating a workplace culture of health and well-being can be mutually beneficial for both the employer and employee.

For employers that experience high levels of absenteeism, the introduction of health insurance and accompanying incentives to get active can help to alleviate this unwanted and costly issue. Research shows that poor health contributes to sickness, lower productivity, lower staff engagement and high staff attrition, all which have an impact on your business’ bottom line. Companies who invest in staff wellness programmes are far more likely to have a workplace that is healthier, engaged and more productive. Employees who embrace a healthier lifestyle and adopt additional health incentives will benefit from access to a number of fitness discounts and perks.

Our carefully selected health insurance service provider is passionate about protecting our clients and inspiring you and your employees to lead healthier lives.

The benefits of investing in our employee well-being program include:

  • Improved sickness absence – in some cases up to a 1/3 reduction
  • Improved employee engagement
  • Provision of a popular staff benefit
  • Reduced attrition – the extra rewards and benefits can act as a salary boost and provide financial security
  • Improved productivity
  • Motivating benefits and rewards
  • A measurable solution to improve staff engagement
  • A happier, healthier workforce
  • Increased employee loyalty and improved morale

Our supplier will advise and support you and your management team to ensure employee well-being through regular health checks, health screens and a long-term condition management programme. This service includes a customer engagement programme which is bespoke to your business, motivating your employees long after the programme is introduced, so your employees will benefit and so will you.

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