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METHODS to improvE your business' bottom line 

There are a host of different ways to source additional funding for your organisation but many businesses are put off by ever-tightening lending restrictions, by complex, resource-laden application processes, or simply by the daunting number of finance options available.


BCR Associates will work closely with you to understand your long-term business objectives and to guide you on the most appropriate funding solutions. We understand that your business may not have the resources required to research the market for all of the available options and submit the relevant applications. We will guide you towards those solutions that are the most straightforward; in some instances, you may find that you do not require funding but are in fact eligible for a government grant or tax incentive.

These options include:

  • Business loan through our nominated funding providers

A straightforward injection of cash to support growth plans, aid everyday trading or improve general cash flow. A fast and simple application process with affordable loans available for a variety of terms. BCR Associates can help source the most favourable solution for your business and guide you through the application process.

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  • Research and development tax relief

An incentive awarded to companies that invest in innovation. Covering the development of new systems, processes, products, materials and devices, this tax relief option is often overlooked by organisations who are actively making progress in R&D. BCR Associates can put you in touch with a range of providers who can guide you on the eligibility criteria and assist you in the application process.

For example, BCR Associates has benefitted from R&D tax credits. We were able to offset £14,000 of our Corporation Tax bill against the R&D of our new CRM system. Furthermore, we are making an additional claim this year as we develop the second phase of the programme.

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Major business opportunities shouldn’t be missed because of a lack of funds or resources. At BCR Associates we want to empower clients to make decisions that will help you to grow and protect your business.

If you would like to discuss the options available to your specific organisation please contact us on 03330 433 233.

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