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At some point during its lifetime, your business will undoubtedly require an injection of capital. Maybe it is at start-up stage and you need to organise equipment, stock, premises, staffing and marketing. Or perhaps your business is already well-established but you want to fund its growth. This can take the form of purchasing additional assets and premises, investing in new technologies or telecoms systems, securing lending for infrastructure projects or expanding an existing site. Organisations sometimes require funding simply to improve cash flow, refinance existing debt or to follow an alternative strategic path to gain a competitive advantage.


By working closely with finance specialists we are able to offer different finance options and tax incentives which suit our client base. Including large and small companies, individuals and sole traders, we provide tailored quotes that are suited to our clients' specific needs.

Our funding specialists have extensive experience in securing financial resources for a number of different areas and can help you to navigate the often rigorous application process and increasingly strict lending conditions. Our consultants will take the time to establish how your individual business operates as well as understand the precise details and objectives of your financial needs.

Through our extensive panel of private investors, VCs, business angels, traditional banks and funding organisations we offer the following financial services:

  • Commercial finance
  • Asset finance
  • Leasing
  • Infrastructure and project finance
  • Working capital
  • Invoice finance - factoring and discounting
  • Refinancing
  • Bridging finance
  • Property investment and development
  • Venture capital
  • Peer-to-peer lending
  • Crowd funding
  • Grant funding
  • Research and development tax relief

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Business Cost Reduction Associates Limited is authorised by the Financial Conducts Authority for secondary credit broking services; our registration number is FRN712778.

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