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Owing to the sheer size and diversity of many estates, it can prove immensely difficult to manage energy supplies and usage.  A simple yet thorough strategy of monitoring current energy usage of all sites and analysis of this data can help identify savings opportunities, reducing operational costs and any reactive impact on the environment.

Typical challenges in this sector:

  • Diverse range of properties and systems inhibits visibility

Managing a portfolio of properties can provide a challenge with separate sites, sizes and uses of buildings. A variety of different systems and services can exist for both lighting and heating and this, often coupled with the need to rebill clients or cost centres can lead to time and energy being wasted. We provide a thorough monitoring plan allowing clients to have visibility of all their sites for ease of management, automatic rebilling and to allow energy savings to be identified.

  • Increasing costs and levels of administration

Gathering information, data and cost information across a large portfolio of properties in a variety of regions with different suppliers can generate a mountain of paperwork. Bringing all sites into a single reporting platform covering data, compliance and cost management will dramatically reduce administrative costs.

  • Inconsistencies within estate portfolio

Estate properties can have a variety of uses and include industrial units, residential blocks, marinas and office space. These will all have varying compliance issues, individual meter profiles and differing needs for energy management. With a well thought out plan to monitor, measure and manage energy usage across the board, we can provide a simple process to remove complex problems as tenants move in and out of your portfolio.

  • Navigating diverse opportunities for energy generation

Estates that include large amounts of green- or brownfield land can seize the opportunity to generate revenues for the estate through renewable energy sources. Our Energy Managers will partner with you to navigate the available options and their associated challenges to provide a clear strategy and necessary funding.

  • Compliance with regulation

Many estates will have a significant number of metering points delivering energy from a variety of suppliers, this can prove difficult when faced with regulations such as P272 and ESOS. Implementing an effective energy strategy can help to deal with this issue and will ensure that you won’t miss regulatory changes, avoiding fines, penalties or simply increased costs.

Our Energy Consultants understand the specific challenges faced within the Estates sector and can help your business overcome any energy issues.