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Energy Infrastructure

Whether your business is moving to new build premises, expanding or relocating to existing premises, it is easy to overlook your energy connections and supply. This could, however, be a very costly mistake in terms of both resources and time. 

The infrastructure market is hugely complex with many different parties involved. Without expertise and project management it is easy for delays and unforeseen complications to occur which can have a damaging effect on any business.

How can we help your business

BCR Associates offers an end-to-end service and can provide your business with all the help you need when organising new infrastructure, metering upgrades and new gas or electricity supplies. We will guide you through the process, removing the stress and freeing up your time, whilst ensuring the project runs to time and budget.

Key benefits

  • Complete end to end infrastructure solution
  • Full account management and client support
  • Expert knowledge and advice
  • Time savings
  • Complex market, difficult to navigate.
  • Competitive quotations

gas infrastructure

Due to the complexity of logistics and involvement of many different parties, businesses often overlook the amount of work and technicalities that can be associated with the installation and connection of supplies.

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electricity infrastructure

Your energy supplier choice is numerous in the open market (British Gas, Eon, etc.), however, the delivery of that power safely and effectively to your business is at the remit of the Distribution Network Operators (DNOs).

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