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Energy Funding


Do you require additional finance to support your energy strategy projects?

Whilst there are several long-term benefits to introducing energy management and carbon reduction initiatives to your business or adding capacity through additional energy connections, it is likely that any such project will require a level of upfront capital outlay before you are able to reap the rewards.

Access to extra working capital can sometimes be difficult to secure, particularly if you are a start-up business or if funds are already tied up in equipment or running costs.

If this is the case, you may wish to consider sourcing additional finance. There are several different funding options available, each with pros and cons. We recommend that your first port of call is to check whether or not there are any grants available for your particular project or industry sector, or if there are any tax reliefs available which could then be reinvested.

If your business is not eligible for grant funding or tax relief, there are a number of other funding options available, one of which is crowdfunding. The application process for crowdfunding tends to be far easier than traditional applications. Investors lend directly to businesses and businesses benefit from access to fast, affordable finance with a flexible repayment structure, allowing focus on long-term growth.

Our carefully selected funding provider offers a simple application with a decision typically within 24 hours and funds transferred in as little as five days, giving you time to focus on what drives real value for your business.

Key features:

  • Unsecured loans from £5,000 to £350,000
  • Interest rates from 3% per year
  • Borrow over six months to five years
  • No application fees, only pay on acceptance
  • No early repayment fees
  • No business plans or forecast required

Documents required:

  • Three months of business bank statements
  • Latest full filed accounts
  • Full year P&L and balance sheet if filed accounts are older than 16 months

Who can apply?

A business can apply if it:

  • Has at least two or more years’ trading history
  • Has resident UK Director(s)
  • Is stable and creditworthy

N.B. When agreeing to any financial agreement make sure you always read the small print and get advice if you are not sure.