Energy & Carbon Services

Energy and carbon services

Businesses are under increasing pressure to make sure that they are operating at low carbon emissions levels and are meeting the Government push to reduce emmissions nationally. BCR Associates' Energy & Carbon Services Team are fully equipped to make sure that your business meets these requirements and can also help you to improve your business' bottom line in the process...

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Our purchase ledger approach takes a holistic overview of all business expenditure. However, it will come as no surprise that companies pay a significant percentage of their overheads in energy bills. Our consultants are experts at auditing your bills, breaking down any hidden costs and negotiating contracts on your behalf, making sure that you are receiving the best deal for your business...

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Gas Infrastructure

energy infrastructure

The infrastructure market is an intricate area with a huge number of different parties involved in ensuring that the right solution is in place for your business needs. Each project requires a significant amount of planning time and applied knowledge. Our expert consultants provide full project management to guide you through the process... 

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