With new technologies being introduced all the time there is a growing range of data and internet solutions available to you and your business. All have their place within an organisation, dependent on factors such as location, budget and technology available.


Direct internet access (you might hear our consultants refer to this as DIA)

Leased Line and EFM

A Leased Line is a dedicated, fully managed, private fibre connection with symmetric speeds of 2Mbps - 10Gbps.

A Leased Line is ideal for businesses where internet access is critical; with the benefit of not having to share the bandwidth with anyone else, it gives you control over it and with ultra-low latency, it makes for a natural choice for financial trading applications and top-quality video conferencing. 

Generic ethernet access (GEA)

GEA is an entry-level form of Ethernet connectivity that harnesses copper technology between the premises and the cabinet and then fibre to the exchange, before handing data over to the Ethernet network. By utilising copper and fibre as the initial transit technology, costs and installation times are much lower than other Ethernet-based connectivity technologies but can still achieve symmetrical speeds of 20Mbps.


ADSL broadband is provided through existing BT phone lines and is the most widely available broadband connection on the market. ADSL broadband comes from your local telephone exchange, owned by BT, through a fixed line access network made out of copper wires. These are the telephone lines in the street.

The information that you receive is a series of digital signals that come through these lines. These are then split into phone and internet by a microfilter, a small, plastic box that plugs into the main BT socket.

The speed of ADSL broadband depends on your distance from the local telephone exchange. Signal deteriorates over distance, so the closer you are to your exchange, the higher your speed. The age or quality of the copper wires can also have an affect on your speed.


  • Are you experiencing slow upload and download speeds? We recommend ADSL

A lot of businesses experience this and it can cripple your IT solutions, badly affecting the productivity of your workforce. Our experts can find ways around this issue, reducing the impact or removing the problem altogether.

  • Is your business premises far from a telephone exchange? We recommend fibre and ADSL

Unfortunately we can’t move cables closer to you, but in such a fast moving industry there are plenty of ways to get around this problem. We’ve helped lots of clients in this position by thinking outside the box and have come up with some great solutions. For example the use of microwave links, 4G Dongles or the installation of direct internet access.

  • BT Openreach's failure to roll out fibre broadband on time? We recommend using fibre broadband

This is an issue that has affected our clients nationwide as the fibre broadband roll out is solely in the hands of BT Openreach. We can work with you to investigate any possible solutions / work arounds.

  • Have you come up against excessive construction charges (dig costs)? We recommend direct internet access

In most cases, this is done by Openreach so we can’t help with the initial cost. But our broad product offering means that we can help with finance options or potential tax relief on investments in your infrastructure.

  • Have you experienced long lead time for internet connections? 

Industry standard is 90 day lead time for installation of leased lines; however we've all heard horror stories of business waiting months and sometimes even years for a superfast connection to their premises. BCR Associates will manage your expectations from the start, liaising with your suppliers on your behalf until the project is completed and everything is in place.

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