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Co-ordinating multiple utilities for a diverse range of development sites is a headache for the construction sector. This, together with increasing demands for low energy and low carbon buildings which are cheaper to run, provides a unique environment for this sector.

typical challenges in this sector:

  • Existing and future infrastructure

The need for construction projects to identify existing utility supplies in advance and the suitability for proposed developments is an important step for construction and development. The expectation is that utility supplies are always attainable, yet working with utility companies can be a stressful and frustrating experience. We are experts in identifying the feasibility of requested gas and power supplies to a site, sourcing the best pricing and putting the appropriate plans in place to provide the right infrastructure for your site.

  • Insufficient energy infrastructure

The vast majority of M&E specifications are for traditional installations devoid of energy saving considerations. We can help you develop an appropriate energy strategy for a site before final decisions are made in order to avoid the unnecessary cost of retrofitting efficiency measures in the future.

  • Water infrastructure

Whilst it may rain most of the time in the UK, water is becoming an expensive commodity. Giving thought to efficiency measures during the construction phase can reduce water costs by 70-80% in the future. Our Energy Consultants can help you assess the available options.

  • Capex vs Opex

Is the site to sell or to keep? The construction industry is continually under cost pressures and where a development cost is questioned, the innovative energy and water saving measures are often shelved to return to cheaper, more traditional methods. This leaves the developer with lower costs but the future owners with a large operating expense. The importance of future costs and efficiency should never be ignored and we can guide you through the implications and options that are available to your business.

  • The 4th Utility – broadband/data

A facility without fast connection speeds is deemed unusable in this modern world. High speed connectivity requiring cabling to the site needs to be incorporated into utility planning to allow time for services to be planned and installed. Additionally, access to WiFi connectivity is a requirement for smart metering and will need to be considered if this forms part of your energy strategy for your building project. Our experts can help you to co-ordinate with Consultants in our sister company who can assist with procurement of broadband and data.

Our Energy Consultants understand the specific challenges faced within the Construction sector and can help your business overcome any energy issues.