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Case Studies

Sarah Revell

Rotamec Engineering Solutions

Industry Sector: Wholesale and distribution

Client Testimonial:

Ben worked closely with me to achieve great financial and administrative savings for Rotamec. All of the supply changeovers were handled by BCR Associates meaning we could immediately save money through their expertise. We are really pleased that Andrew from Old Mill put him in touch with us as there was no cost or obligation from the outset, yet we ended up financially better off.”

Claire Pearson, Finance Manager

Project Summary:

  • Streamlined the client’s supplies for both energy and business supplies, resulting in budget certainty through the implementation of fixed contracts
  • £13,666 (40%) reduction on annual energy spend
  • £2,049 (41%) reduction on annual business supplies spend, with the savings available for the client to invest in its business

The client: Rotamec Engineering Solutions

Formed in 2000, Rotamec provides a wide range of engineering solutions to a broad customer base. With 7 sites, Rotamec provides a 24 hour service, 365 days a year, across the South and South West.

The challenge:

The client required a full audit of energy and business supplies. This aimed to highlight potential cost savings and improvements in administrative practices across all sites.

The solution:

Our full review of essential spend showed that usage was high and constituted a large annual spend. Consequently, capital was being unnecessarily diverted to non-profit making areas of the business giving the client less leverage to invest. We sought to combat this overspend and eradicate the administrative burden of having multiple suppliers across the 7 sites, with unfixed contracts and varying end dates.

We then presented a strategy for enhancing the client’s business supplies procurement process, streamlining multiple suppliers, minimising spend and reducing administrative stress.

The results:

Energy: Expenditure was reduced by £13,666 (40%), a sum which was then able to be reinvested into the business. Additionally, streamlining the supplier base and providing co-terminus end dates reduced the client’s administrative burden dramatically. Its ability to make strategic decisions was therefore improved through budget certainty.
Business supplies: We reduced spend by 41% and implemented a solution which decreased the number of suppliers, thus freeing up administrative resources.

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