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Case Studies

Sarah Revell

Qic Trims

Industry Sector: Manufacturing and industry

Client Testimonial:

After our first review of our essential business spend with BCR Associates, we were impressed to see the wide ranging cost reduction opportunities that they offered. Delighted by the considerable saving they made on our gas and electricity spend, we continued to work closely with them to make further savings on our telecoms spend. Given the brilliant service and savings made by utilising BCR Associates’ expertise, we are planning to undergo an insurance review with them.”

Sue Warner, Operations Director

Project Summary:

  • Achieved a 45% saving on gas spend and 26% on electricity, saving £13,602 pa
  • BCR Associates carried out a comprehensive review of telecoms spend, reducing annual costs by 16%
  • Resolved issues with incumbent suppliers and their failure to switch numbers for 2 months
  • Client benefitted from our fully managed service including supplier liaison, billing issues and complaint handling

The client: Qic Trims

With 2 sites in Buckingham and Brackley, Qic Trims is a leading UK supplier of aluminium trims and associated products for the interior fit out sector.

The challenge:

Referred by our partner Lloyds Bank after identifying high energy expenditure, Qic Trims approached BCR Associates to initially undertake a detailed analysis of its essential business spend, and subsequently utilised our telecoms and energy services to reduce spend in this area.

The solution:

Utilising our specialist knowledge of the manufacturing sector, we were able to identify and understand the business’ essential spend and provide a complete review of annual energy expenditure, showing how this could be reduced. Energy usage was shown to be unavoidably high, so our solution aimed to provide contracts which minimised energy costs by a considerable margin.

We then carried out a detailed review of the client’s telecoms portfolio, providing a proposal for managing overspend, resolving issues with the incumbent supplier and supplying a broadband connection to its new premises.

The results:

Gas expenditure was reduced by 45% and electricity by 26%, giving a total annual saving of £13,602.
For telecoms we produced like-for-like quotes that reduced costs by 16% pa. Additionally we resolved the issues with the existing supplier, successfully transferring the phone number to the new premises quickly and efficiently. A new PSTN line was also implemented, freeing up the client’s resources to concentrate on its core business.

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