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Case Studies

Sarah Revell


Industry Sector: Manufacturing and industry

Client Testimonial:

We have used BCR Associates for the past few years now and have found them to be very efficient in what they do. As a large multisite corporation our main focus is on servicing our customers’ needs and not necessarily the utility bills. It has been a real help knowing BCR Associates manage these in our best interest.”

Chris Williams, Director

Project Summary:

  • As a large multisite international engineering company Penspen faces many of the challenges experienced by multi-site clients
  • Whilst each site’s expenditure is relatively modest, the overall expense to the company requires professional management to ensure cost-effective purchasing across the group
  • Freed up management time to focus on core business activities
  • 48% saving on energy in first year of review

The client: Penspen

Penspen has been providing engineering, project management, asset management and integrity services to the worldwide energy industry for over 60 years. Founded in the UK in 1954, the company has grown to over 1000 engineers with major offices in 5 global cities.

The challenge:

Multiple utility contracts ending at different times and sitting with different offices provided a challenge for Penspen management to co-ordinate and it was wasting both time and money. BCR Associates was approached to rationalise and co-ordinate all utilities purchasing.

The solution:

After assembling the vast amount of paperwork and carrying out a full review of energy, telecoms and water contracts, we identified areas where excess costs could be converted back to profits for the client. Costs and contracts for multiple sites were then brought together under the management of BCR Associates.

Timely renewals and purchasing allowed the client’s management team to focus on its core business activities. As the key ‘milestones’ in each contract is approached BCR Associates continues to supply Penspen management with clear options and competitive pricing to ensure that costs are efficiently managed.

The results:

Bringing the larger sites under the contract management of BCR Associates allowed Penspen to realise a 48% annual saving in the first year. In subsequent years where some businesses have seen double digit increases in their energy costs, Penspen’s utility costs have been managed below market increases by active contract management.

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