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Sarah Revell

Ocee Design

Industry Sector: Manufacturing and Industry
Summary of savings: Achieved electricity savings of £3,295 and gas savings of £2,012.

Client Testimonial:

This was the first time I have used a cost reduction company to review our costs. I have to say I was very impressed with the simplicity of the service. It took very little of our time and we were impressed that the overall service was very straight forward and professional. I would certainly recommend their services to other companies.

Alistair Gough, Managing Director

Project Summary:

  • Ocee Design are one of the UK's leading manufacturers of dedicated commercial seating
  • They employed BCR Associates' services to ensure the costs of their energy procurement was in line with their companies efficiency policies
  • BCR Associates review established a 31% saving on electricity and a 26% saving on gas
  • In addition, following a review of their office supplies BCR Associates were able to reduce their spend by 28%

About our client:

Ocee Design is one of the UK's leading manufacturers of dedicated commercial seating. Independently owned they work with their partners to deliver quality innovative seating solutions. To support their plans for growth and provide security for their employees and customers, Ocee Design requested a cost review from BCR Associates on their energy expenditure.

Client requirements:

Ocee Design's energy expenditure brief was to purchase all contracts in the most efficient manner. Due to the ever-increasing price of energy and other escalating costs the Finance Director contacted BCR Associates who instigated a business cost review on their behalf.

Our approach:

Our dedicated Account Manager worked closely with Ocee Design providing a complete end-to-end service. A 'health check' was carried out on energy, telecoms, business supplies and foreign exchange, after which BCR Associates offered solutions and managed the entire operation on Ocee Design's behalf, all without cost or obligation. Our service also returns 100% of the savings to the customer so Ocee Design instantly improved cash flow without any hassle or cost.

The project:

After assembling the relevant paperwork BCR Associates carried out a full review and identified various solutions to consolidate annual expenditure. The review of paperwork and contracts found the electricity renewal letter had been received from the incumbent supplier, however, BCR Associates were able to find 31% savings for the client. Regardless of increasing prices within the energy market, BCR Associates' supply chain relationships ensured our Account Manager was able to realise sizeable savings in both time and money. BCR Associates were asked to conduct a review of their office supplies. With an annual spend of £17,500 it was a significant cost. With three separate cost centres, order materials and invoice reconciliations were complicated and time-consuming with their current supplier.

The results:

Despite a complex economic climate and a volatile energy market with ever-increasing prices, the expert knowledge of our specialists saved Ocee Design £3,295 (31%) against their electricity supplier rates. The gas contract review found savings of 26% (£2,012) BCR Associates were also able to advise on the service levels, terms and conditions offered by the various suppliers, giving the client confidence that the contract they were signing met their needs. In addition to these large savings, Ocee Design has the comfort of knowing that BCR Associates now fully manage their existing energy contracts on their behalf and can also review and assist in other areas of their essential business spend to further drive down costs and improve efficiency. The list of office supplies was individually reviewed by our panel of preferred suppliers. A saving of 28% was found across the range. An online purchasing system was set up to manage the different cost centres which significantly cut down processing time within the finance function.


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