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Sarah Revell


Industry Sector: Charities and community groups
Summary of savings: Overall savings of £36,000 achieved

Client Testimonial:

Recently we appointed BCR Associates to assist with the procurement and management of our utilities. The number of sites and various utility contracts and tariffs linked to these had led to a number of billing and operational issues.

These matters were passed to BCR Associates and we were delighted in their extremely prompt and efficient response - a response that has resolved long standing invoicing problems, reductions in costs and an excellent re-negotiation of a rolled-over contract. Savings to date have included a £21,000 (40%) saving on electricity and a £3,000 (21%) saving on gas.

I anticipate a long term and positive relationship with BCR Associates and have no hesitation in recommending them.

Wayne Gale, Estates Manager

Project Summary:

  • Client is a charity based in Devon
  • Had numerous contracts and end dates and experienced a variety of billing errors
  • Received notification of dramatic price increase
  • BCR Associates resolved the issues, organised rebates and consolidated contracts

About our client:

Hospiscare is a Devon-based charity providing an all-encompassing service for people with a terminal diagnosis. They provide specialist nurses, doctors and consultants who give a wide range of advice and guidance free of charge.

Client requirements:

Hospiscare has a head office and 18 fundraising shops across Devon. All energy costs were controlled at the HQ level but as they had different contracts and end dates across all of the sites, the administrative was a nightmare. They discovered that they had not received renewal notices from the supplier due to billing mistakes and also became aware of an enforced increase on their future gas and electricity costs of 21% and 40% respectively, so asked BCR Associates to review the situation.

Our approach:

Our dedicated Account Manager worked closely with Hospiscare providing a complete end-to-end service. We researched and offered solutions and managed the entire operation on their behalf, all without cost or obligation. Our service also returns 100% of the savings to the customer so Hospiscare instantly increased their operating funds.

The project:

We embarked on a complete cost review of all the gas and electricity expenditure across all of th Hospiscare sites. In addition to the billing mistakes and enforced increase, we also established there were a total of 21 contracts and 12 different end dates, making the management of this extremely difficult and time consuming. Due to our detailed industry knowledge and relationships we have built up over the years, our specialists were able to swiftly resolve the issues with the suppliers. The detailed review also established a number of additional billing errors which neither the supplier or Hospiscare were aware of. We prepared the evidence to provide proof of these areas and reclaimed the rebates the charity was owed. Finally, our Account Manager organised the numerous suppliers and contracts into a single co-ordinated portfolio.

The results:

Following the business cost review, Hospiscare achieved a reduction in electricity expenditure of £21,000 and a £3,000 reduction in gas costs. This reduced the cost of their electricity and gas by 40% and 21% respectively. Our energy experts also reclaimed £12,600 due to the over charged costs, resulting in an overall saving of £36,000. In addition, the single coherent account significantly reduces administrative tasks and time. Moving forward, BCR Associates manages the account on Hospiscare's behalf, providing complete peace of mind.


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