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Case Studies

Sarah Revell

E Park and Sons

Industry Sector: Wholesale and distribution

Client Testimonial:

BCR Associates was there from the beginning to deal with all problems and enquiries quickly and efficiently, particularly to manage our many contract end dates. With BCR Associates there is no need to worry about contract renewals, as their service includes contacting us in plenty of time to re-negotiate the best deals possible.”

James Pepper, IT Manager

Project Summary:

  • Sheer scale of arable farms and the processes required to distribute the goods often result in high business costs
  • Client needed to reduce costs and work towards a greener low carbon future
  • £10,415 reduction in energy costs achieved
  • £32,280 reduction in telecoms bills and contract placed with a carbon neutral supplier

The client: E Park and Sons

Yorkshire-based, family-owned firm, E Park & Sons has been supplying British potatoes to the UK and throughout the world since 1924. The company has 5 sites around the UK.

The challenge:

E Park & Sons’ production facilities operate 24 hours a day, so the company consumes a considerable amount of energy, with very high electricity bills out of season. Being environmentally-focused, it also wanted to review alternative ways of reducing energy consumption, as well as renewable generation options to reduce costs and drive down carbon emissions. We also analysed telecoms and water usage to help with the ongoing cost-cutting initiative.

The solution:

BCR Associates looked at options to co-ordinate the sites’ energy contracts with a focus on future on-site generation. Supply contracts were rationalised to produce substantial monetary savings and guidance on installation of an anaerobic digester was given. Creating green energy from the 25,000 tonnes of waste vegetable skins is a medium term goal for the client, and the digester project will take the company in a whole new direction in cost-cutting.

The results:

Fast results were produced from tendering two 6-month contracts to substantially reduce the expenditure by £10,415 per annum with an annual review to ensure a competitive market position.

We also identified a considerable overspend in telecoms and the incumbent supplier’s ‘best tariff’ was in fact unsuitable for the client. We subsequently reduced annual telecoms overheads by £34,280 (62%) and placed the contract with a carbon neutral supplier to support the client’s environmental policy.


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