Sarah Revell

Connect Distribution Services Ltd

Industry Sector: Wholesale & Distribution

Client Testimonial:

Connect Distribution have had a business relationship with BCR Associates for several years, throughout which time their support has been invaluable. They have assisted us in various areas; not just energy management, but also in product procurement, CRC evaluation, ESOS compliance and most recently we have approached them for advice regarding OHSAS 18001. During the time we have partneredwith BCR Associates, they have come to understand the Connect business and modus operandi extremely well, resulting in us trusting their judgement and, therefore, any advice given. I would have no hesitation in recommending BCR Associates to you, if you are looking for a professional, efficient, knowledgeable and trustworthy business partner.

Jayne Westley, Facilities Manager

Project Summary:

  • Connect Distribution’s business relationship with BCR Associates started in 2008 when we were approached to provide consultation on supplier terms and products during a time of massive company growth
  • The client recognised that an independent consultative approach to their procurement and carbon management would add value to their business
  • Annual product renegotiations and updates on legislation allow for better budget forecasting and security

About our client:

Connect Distribution Services Ltd began trading in 1969 and boasts a pedigree of over 40 years’ experience. Established as the largest independent home appliance service and spare parts distribution organisation in the UK, the business consists of more than 500 direct employees, a 42,000 sq ft head office complex and 225,000 sq ft national distribution centre. Renowned for the delivery of quality, Connect Distribution Services provides services to some of the largest retailers, manufacturers, and insurance companies in Europe.

Our approach:

Working closely with Support Services Manager, Jayne Westley, BCR Associates' Michael Lock provided ongoing support, expert guidance and continued trusted judgements over several years.

Recognising the need for continued energy management and surety when it comes to legislative and regulatory frameworks, BCR Associates has worked to guarantee the client's conformity with the most stringent regulations.

Client requirements:

Connect Distribution Services required professional guidance and direction regarding the constantly evolving energy industry. They needed to be sure that they formed a solid relationship with a like minded business, who held the same high values and independence to guide them through the process.

BCR Associates’ consultants offer a wide range of expertise that extend across the industry; from procurement and legislation, to electrical engineering and carbon management. Connect Distribution were therefore confident that BCR Associates could cater to every requirement specific to their sector.

The project:

BCR Associates have utilised their rich knowledge base to explain the various mechanisms and intricacies of the energy market to the client. This has enabled Connect Distribution to make informed decisions with full confidence. Working collaboratively with the facilities management team, Michael Lock collated and analysed a variety of information that has not only secured the client’s compliance with CRC carbon legislation but also the government’s Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS).

Additionally, through this thorough analysis, Michael provided accurate data reporting on all major Half Hourly meters. This data offered the client clarity on their business’ spend, assisting in strategic planning for the client’s management team. Further, BCR Associates have continually rationalised procurement costs and products despite an ever changing energy market by utilising its knowledge of the industry and its trusted panel of suppliers.

The results:

In the last 8 years budgets have become more certain and a greater understanding of markets and legislation has meant a more proactive procurement strategy has been implemented. This provides Connect with a better forecast and they are now more secure within their risk strategy. Recent renegotiations have not only provided a greater understanding of the market itself but have also levied large financial savings within term.

This reflects the past successes, which saw Connect Distribution reduce expenditure on a single gas supply by £22,453 (39%). Recognised as a trusted and reliable source of information, Connect Distribution have recently approached Michael Lock for consultation regarding Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OHSAS 18001). By abiding to such regulation, Connect Distribution will be accredited for their commitment to best practice in health and safety management.


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