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Sarah Revell

Abode Hotel Group

Industry Sector: Hospitality
Summary of savings: Achieved savings on energy of £23,154 (38%)

Client Testimonial:

BCR Associates have been a Godsend in guiding us through the CRC process step by step, as well as handling our utility contract renewals. Everything they do is completed with the minimum of fuss, good communication and a refreshing level of clarity. They keep us informed of developments and pitfalls but have never resorted to the scare tactics many other CRC and energy advisors seem to favour in trying to win our business. I am extremely glad that ABode hotels has been able to work in partnership with BCR Associates.

Jacinta Magee, Group Financial Controller

Project Summary:

  • ABode Hotels has received poor customer service from their existing energy broker
  • Existing telecoms usage and requirements had never been reviewed across the group
  • The group was expanding through acquiring new hotels and so had no time to dedicate to efficient managing of their contracts
  • Introduced to BCR Associates through a business networking event

About our client:

ABode Hotels are a growing group of luxury hotels and restaurants. Their hotels are situated in some of the most beautiful areas of our English countryside or in the centre of our more historic cities including Exeter, Chester, Canterbury, Glasgow and Manchester. The group is run by entrepreneur Andrew Brownsword CBE DL. Together with his wife, Christina, they work combine understated British style and modern comfort with great food and drink.

Client requirements:

The client had reached a stage in their expansion where valuable internal resources were not available to concentrate effectively on the purchasing of essential services of telecoms and energy. This administrative burden had left them at risk to uncompetitive contracts, especially as their energy usage was greater than 11.5kWhs and they didn't have the knowledge or expertise to price up or manage their HH requirements. Similarly their telecoms growth was not joined up across the hotels and had never been reviewed.

Our approach:

Our dedicated Account Manager worked closely with ABode Hotels providing a complete end-to-end service. All bills and contracts were analysed and put out to tender across our large panel of suppliers. 

The project:

Once our recommendations were discussed and accepted by the client, we handled everything from that point on, enabling the client to get on with running the hotel group.

The results:

Our review highlighted a number of issues for the energy, such as the fact that the ABode group were not registered for CRC, which they were legally bound to do as HH electricity users. BCR Associates also explained the advantage of the "Take or Pay" clause which was included in the new recommendations. A similar situation came to light for telecoms as the client was found to be on uncompetitive, out of contract tariffs. None of their fixed lines or mobile requirements had been purchased centrally and so there were a number of inefficiencies highlighted.

Energy - in addition to ensuring legal compliance and most appropriate tariff for the group, BCR Associates managed a saving of £23,154 or 38%.

Telecoms - we found savings of over £8,000 over 2 years on their fixed communications by moving them to a more competitive business-only supplier. Additionally we also saved the group over £2,000 on their mobile UK-wide users whilst ensuring our recommended provider could offer a bespoke support contract to ensure faults were dealt with promptly.


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