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Launching our 'state of the nation' survey on future challenges for the supply chain

Date September 23rd 2020 by in Category General

 Facing the Future: challenges for the supply chain

Supply Chain Planning

As we face an uncertain future, with Brexit legislation and the impact of Covid-19 to consider, we ask businesses to share their procurement priorities, challenges and predictions in our unique state of the nation survey. 

Senior managers with procurement responsibilities, and others responsible for supply chain, are required to be more resilient and resourceful than ever in facing a changing world of procurement. The global workforce's transition from office to home based working, for example, is inevitably having an impact on the growing need for better connectivity; creating a spike in the requirement for speedier, more reliable and competitively-priced broadband. 

Just how much, however, has the pandemic shifted priorities and altered traditional approaches to procurement? How important is it now for procurement professionals to drive cost savings or are other more topical priorities taking centre stage, such as sustainable sourcing? 

Identifying supply opportunities, achieving sustainability objectives and managing risks. These are all common procurement issues, but has the pandemic created new concerns, when it comes to managing your supply chain?  And what are businesses tipping to be the future trends for procurement? 

We hope to answer these questions, and more, with our ‘Facing the Future: challenges for the supply chain’ survey and insights report. Canvassing opinions from a sample audience of approximately 50 South West businesses, from across the sectors, we aim to identify the significant issues, concerns and challenges for procurement as we look towards 2021.

We are used to managing the complexities of the procurement process and taking a flexible approach to meeting our clients’ changing needs. The situation, however, we now find ourselves in is somewhat unprecedented and for many, already struggling to source new suppliers, negotiate contracts and manage organisational spend, the pandemic is presenting new challenges. 

Strategic sourcing, breakthrough technologies and socially responsible practices are just some of the the most hotly debated topics in our industry, but just how important are they to businesses wrestling on a daily basis with more practical considerations, such as supplier reliability? That’s why we want to hear from you.  

With 15 years of experience, partnering with a wide portfolio of organisations from across the UK and helping businesses get smarter with their supply chain, our team are ideally positioned to analyse the results of the survey and provide unique insights and industry expertise.

In addition to offering all survey participants a free insights report, we are also launching a prize draw to win a Bose® SoundLink® Micro Water-resistant Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Built-in Speakerphone, worth £89.99.

We hope the ‘Facing the Future: challenges for the supply chain’ report will help businesses prepare; making them aware of the issues and enabling them to take the necessary steps to future proof their procurement practices. 

Click here to take the survey, receive an insights report and be entered into the prize draw:

Survey closes on 18th October 2020.



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