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Our Coronavirus (COVID-19) business continuity plan

Date March 18th 2020 by in Categories General, Telecommunications

The recent Government announcement that Coronavirus has reached pandemic levels is causing numerous concerns for businesses across the UK. Monday’s briefing from Boris Johnson asked people to work from home where possible, meaning that the next phase of social distancing is now underway. Naturally, we want to continue to provide excellent service levels to our clients whilst balancing the wellbeing of our staff.

To this end, we have recently carried out extensive tests of our business continuity plan and as of Wednesday, we have asked as many of our staff to work from home as possible. We have also suspended all non-essential face-to-face client meetings and the attendance of networking events.

Our commitment to you

We are operating our business as usual. Despite the fact that we have invoked our business continuity plan, please rest assured that all forms of communicating with our clients and supply chain network will remain operational, therefore you should not experience any problems with the service that you receive from us. Please continue to contact us in the normal way.

Should any of our staff contract the virus and be unable to work, we have a buddy system in place which means your requirements will be picked up and dealt with in a timely fashion.

We also remain in close communication with our supply chain network so that we have up to date information on how they are approaching the pandemic. At the moment, there are no immediate concerns regarding service levels, all of our suppliers are operating ‘business as usual’ and to our knowledge are prepared to support you throughout any potential impact to their operations.
Should this change and we foresee this causing any issues for our clients, we will communicate as appropriate. 
Does your business require help to set up a business continuity plan?
Do you have the necessary solutions in place should your staff need to work from home or if you need to close your business premises should the COVID-19 situation worsen? 
Here are a few tips on how you can implement a robust business continuity plan:
1. Carry out a tech review 
This entails an audit of all staff and the tech that they may already have in place or may require to enable them to work remotely. This includes the necessary equipment such as a laptop, tablet or surface as well as any necessary connecting and charging cables, mobile phone or desktop handset as well as broadband connectivity. You can then assess who has what and where any investment is required.
2. Check that staff can access central systems securely
This is normally achieved by logging in via a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Check that you have enough VPN licenses, and if your internet bandwidth can cope should all staff login at once.
3. Take advantage of hosted telephony benefits
A cloud-based telephone system is undoubtedly the best solution when it comes to disaster recovery and ensuring business continuity. Phone calls can either be redirected to a mobile or home phone number or desktop phones can simply be unplugged and plugged into a home router. Call forwarding, do not disturb and other call features can all be controlled via a central desktop client meaning that staff do not need to be in the office to implement a business continuity plan.
4. Consider using online collaboration tools 
One of the tricky elements of remote working is facilitating effective communication between staff. There are many online tools that can help facilitate this such as Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, Slack and Skype.
For help and advice on implementing your business continuity plan, please get in touch on 03330 433 233.


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