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New Ofcom regulation to help businesses get a better deal!

Date February 6th 2020 by in Categories Ensuring Compliance, Telecommunications

Ofcom have brought in a number of new regulations in recent years which focus on the consumer’s needs. July 2019 saw the ‘switch of mobile communication services’ regulation which gave consumers control over contact with their existing provider, making it quicker and easier to change supplier.  We are now seeing client centric legislations becoming widespread across the telecoms industry.

As of 15th February 2020, Ofcom is launching a new regulation which will be of benefit to telecoms consumers. Broadband and mobile providers will be required to provide a standalone notification informing clients of the end of their minimum contract period and how they can terminate their contract.   

Suppliers will also need to provide clients with ‘best tariff’ advice based on their needs and usage, this will give clients the opportunity to shop around and to choose the best deal available, having all the relevant information.

For our telecoms clients this is business as usual, as we already diarise key dates and provide new deal options and solutions ahead of renewal dates but it’s great to see the client at the forefront of a complex market.

For more information regarding this regulation, please download our info sheet.

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