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Are you getting what you need from your data connection?

Date April 16th 2019 by in Category Telecommunications

As businesses become more data-reliant and data hungry the importance of having reliable data services in place is becoming more and more apparent. For most businesses, even carrying out the most basic of day-to-day tasks now requires access to a data connection.
However, with so many different data providers offering a huge array of solutions it's sometimes difficult to know which one is right for your business. To help you to make the right decision, we’ve put together a few items for consideration:
1. Number of users 
The number of employees you have and whether these are spread over different site locations will impact the type of data solution you require. The number of remote workers you employ should also be taken into consideration.
2. Bandwidth required per user
Different users will require different bandwidth based on their job role, but you will need to consider the impact on functionality should all users draw down on it at the same time. Therefore, make sure that you can roughly estimate what the maximum requirement for your business would be and we also recommend that you take short- and long-term business growth into consideration.
3. Connection, download and upload speed required
As businesses are under increased pressure to optimize efficiency and make the most of every working minute, your business connection speed and ability to download and upload files easily is likely to be paramount. Consider the levels that would be expected of your day-to-day operations.
At BCR Associates we advocate the use of a leased line data connection for the following reasons: 
1. It delivers a reliable connection which is great for when internet access is business critical
2. It’s perfect for larger businesses as it offers high-capacity and flexible connectivity
3. It’s uncontended which means that you will never have to share your bandwidth with other internet users, and peak usage periods do not apply, therefore you will not experience variable connection speeds at different times of day
4. It guarantees a dedicated bandwidth, so your applications always have the required bandwidth to perform at their best and allow productivity within your business
5. It offers truly ‘symmetric’ bandwidth so that uploading and downloading large files should be a pain-free experience
6. It’s straight forward! Unlike a Broadband data connection, you don’t need to take into consideration the distance from the exchange, the line quality or any contention issues
7. The service level agreements are exceptional. In contrast with standard broadband, where standard business care levels state that faults will be fixed by the next working day, leased lines are generally fixed within 4 hours. In addition to this, a leased line supplier will carry out regular checks on your data connection so that if there is a fault they will know before you do!
In addition to the above, there are several additional benefits of having a leased line data connection that may not be immediately obvious. 
1. Access to hosted telephony
Having a leased line enables large scale hosted telephony systems for multiple users. For more information on the benefits of hosted telephony see here.
2. Facilitation of a robust managed print service
Having a leased line allows the use of multiple printers on a managed print service without any unnecessary downtime or outages.
3. Access to MPLS Virtual Private Network (VPN)
This is a secure private network which is perfect for multi-site businesses and those with employees who work from home who need secure access to the company network.
The process of installing leased lines can be a long and arduous one (industry standard is 3 months but can be longer in some cases) however we manage the installation process from start to finish, liaising with your suppliers on your behalf until the project is completed and everything is in place. If you are considering changing to a leased line telephone system, BCR Associates work together with several suppliers and are equipped to assess your current set up and provide further recommendations. To talk to an expert please call 03330 433 233.


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