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5 reasons why your business needs a Mobile Management System

Date February 21st 2019 by in Category Telecommunications

Whether your business has 5 employees or 500, it’s likely that you will require a business mobile portfolio in one guise or another. As your business expands it’s expected that more and more staff will be assigned a business mobile, often at different periods throughout the year and for different contract lengths. This means that your contract landscape may become disjointed, making it more and more difficult to keep track of each invoice, when payments are required and when handset upgrades are possible.

Luckily, we live in an age where there is the technology available to facilitate the long-term administration of a business mobile portfolio in the form of a digital management system.

A mobile management system is an online portal which allows full transparency of your mobile portfolio, benefitting your business in the following ways:

1. Visibility

The online portal links all devices in your mobile portfolio allowing you to generate live, interactive billing that gives you the power to quickly and easily understand your costs and charges. A dashboard delivers full visibility of users with sight of the number of devices in contract, which of these are active, and the time left on the contract/ billing cycle.

The management system delivers prior knowledge of your company outgoings as you will be able to access your bill even before it has landed. You will enjoy instant access to your billing history, insight into any current additional usage charges and overviews of all the devices on your account. This data will be available via CSV export allowing for secure storage in your internal files.

2. Complete control

A mobile management system will enable you to have full control of your account with access to all services. You will have sight of all devices including contract dates, current balance and usage, the selected plan for each device, and current bolt-ons.

3. Managing unwanted overspend

Utilising a mobile management system will allow you to access the extra voice, text and data boost allowances your business may need without having to call your supplier - it’s all possible with a few simple clicks of the mouse. This functionality is also beneficial when managing staff who travel overseas, as the system will allow you to manage real-time bolt-ons, roaming packages and you can even bar a user if appropriate.

4. Consolidated invoicing

All information from the management system is centrally stored and feeds straight into a consolidated invoice platform, meaning that you will only need to process one invoice every month, significantly reducing administration time spent. What’s more, each invoice can be broken down into as much detail as you require, e.g. cost, time, mobile number and cost back to the beginning of the device’s contract.

5. 24/7/365 access

For time-poor business managers and owners, having instant online access to your whole mobile portfolio can be a great help as it enables you to view your account wherever you may be, at any time of day or night.

Our carefully selected telecoms partners offer a number of different options for managing your mobile portfolio. Our dedicated support team are also available to manage all of the above on your behalf, further removing any administrative hassle.

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