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Launch of new Energy and Carbon Services website

Date July 16th 2018 by in Category Energy and carbon

During the last five years, we have seen a growing demand from businesses who want to help improve their sustainability through energy efficiency. Whether it is installing new energy connections, becoming more energy efficient or simply developing a greater understanding as to how energy costs and regulation impact their businesses, there has been an increasing number of companies requiring guidance in this complex sector.

Our sister company, BCR Energy & Carbon Services (BCR-ECS) has now launched a dedicated website specifically to help businesses with their energy strategy and carbon mitigation. The new site is a valuable resource for anyone involved in managing energy for their business, providing information about a wide range of energy services including:

  • Energy efficiency and carbon management
  • Energy management
  • Infrastructure
  • Compliance
  • Procurement
  • Water management
  • Funding

The new site also covers some of the key business sectors for which we provide energy consultancy, each presenting their own set of challenges, as well as examples of our work.

So, whether you need help with developing an energy and carbon strategy, new energy infrastructure, compliance, funding or procurement, our new site offers essential information about the right energy management solution for your business.

Visit the new BCR-ECS website here.


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