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Cutting energy consumption and costs - 5 biggest mistakes made by UK businesses

Date July 14th 2018 by in Categories Energy, Energy and carbon

After 10 years of helping companies cut energy consumption and costs, we often see some common mistakes made by UK businesses. Here are our Top Five:

1. Being ‘sold’ a miracle solution

Every day companies will receive offers stating ‘BIG SAVINGS’ from organisations that are selling single products or solutions. The seller has no knowledge of your business and simply need to ‘sell a box’ to you. Understanding how you use energy is the first step so buying a ‘box’ based on a sales call in isolation is probably the biggest mistake.

2. Capital Projects

Number two on the list is similar but involves the installation of high cost solutions such as solar panels, co-generation combined heat and power (CHP) plant or biomass boilers without due process. Companies that would normally go through a strategic process to purchase new production or packing machinery can often abandon due process where energy projects are concerned because of the lack of those specific skills amongst those involved.

3. Projects that make it worse!

It is not uncommon to walk into a factory or facility where the project has caused more problems. A CHP plant in a facility that doesn’t need the heat all year, a biomass boiler in clean air zones, LEDs installed where there are high levels of natural light. Projects developed in isolation rarely go well.

4. Lack of strategic thought

The majority of companies manage risk through some sort of strategic business plan or goal. They will have a strategy behind how they go to market, manufacture their goods or hire staff. High energy usage and costs need to be considered in the same way. A comprehensive energy strategy cuts risk, costs and time.

5. Unskilled management

The skills of the people in a business may be high in their specialist area, for instance, the HR manager will have many hours of CPD training and the production manager may be skilled at all aspects of lean production. However, we rarely see energy usage being handled by anyone with experience in energy management. Procurement, Facilities, Maintenance or General Managers will not have the experience or skills to manage energy strategies. That discipline belongs to an Energy Manager, trained and experienced in bringing a plan to fruition.

Our Energy Managers will get to know your business and complete an on-site review as part of our audit process. This will help you to avoid scoring any own goals.

If you would like to talk to us about creating a failsafe energy strategy, please call our Energy Managers on 03300 245360.



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