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What are the benefits of a fully managed telecoms service?

Date September 6th 2017 by in Category Telecommunications

Customer services and user experience has never been more important to get right than with your business telecoms service. Unfortunately, there is no escaping the fact that you will experience issues with your telecoms set up – it’s just the nature of the beast. What’s important is how easy it is to resolve any issues you may have. At BCR Associates we understand that a business relies on communications and connectivity on a day to day basis and any interruptions need to be kept to a minimum. It’s for this reason that we offer our clients a fully managed telecoms service, we feel that this is the best way for our clients to ensure business continuity.

The benefits of a fully managed telecoms service are:

  • Supplier and client liaison

By instructing us to liaise with your telecoms supplier you will save time chasing for answers and getting to the root of the problem. With your permission, our experienced team of experts can deal directly with your supplier to resolve issues and we aim to come straight back to you with a resolution. When it comes to significant account changes such as installations, reporting faults etc, we arrange engineer visits and make the process as easy as possible, leaving you free to continue managing your business.

  • Help to resolve billing issues

We hate waste and are passionate about making sure that our clients only pay for the services and products that they have asked for. Our business support team help to resolve all types of billing issues with suppliers, providing clarity for the customer and arrange for rebills where applicable. If your business were to receive an unexpectedly large bill or are falling behind on payments we are able to arrange payment plans to get the account back up to date.

If you feel that you are not getting the service/products that you signed up for we will carry out in depth bill checks, advice on broken period rentals and highlight where the issues are. Our business support team will check that you are getting the correct pence per minute rates and if there are any inaccuracies we will resolve these directly with the supplier.

  • Complaint resolution

All of our suppliers go through rigorous testing before being included in our supply panel and therefore we take any complaints very seriously. Our long-standing relationships with our supply chain mean that we are able to resolve complaints quickly and ensure that your supplier is working in your best interest. You will benefit from our extensive knowledge of how telecoms supply works and our experts will discuss exactly where things have gone wrong and provide additional evidence and support to the supplier where applicable. If necessary, we will trigger escalation paths at director level to ensure a fair resolution for both parties. If we believe that a client has not been given a fair settlement, we can help to escalate the issue to Ofcom.

  • Active account monitoring

We don’t believe that simply signing your business and ignoring issues is the right way to operate, therefore our consultants actively monitor your accounts for the full length of your contract. We keep a close eye on any overspends, flag any unexpected usages and advice on the best way to deal with these. For those clients with mobile contracts, we monitor mobile usages and can activate call barring at given overspend levels, ensuring that you do not receive an unexpectedly large bill. We can also set up completely bespoke alerts to ensure that you and your employees are aware when they hit a percentage of their usage allowance, go over it, or far exceed it. We can also activate diverts which can be incredibly useful in cases of emergency and we can block connections or bar specific services. To ensure that any such additional usage is charged in the most cost-effective way we can add bolt ons where applicable.

Our aim is to become an integral part of our clients’ business and we wish to help you with any issues for as long as you need us to. We don’t believe in simply finding you a product and referring you back to the supplier for problems or queries. We take a holistic approach, making sure that your business communications is supported for the full duration of your contract.

To talk to me, Heather Lowry, Relationship Support Manager about any of the above, please contact me on: 03300 245484.


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