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Our Telecoms predictions for 2017

Date February 2nd 2017 by in Category Telecommunications

  1. Telecoms systems – We are highly likely to see a significant decline in take up and renewal of ISDN lines ahead of BT’s announcement that all customers will be migrated to an IP (hosted) network by 2025. Most forward thinking business owners and systems managers will have already made the switch. Those that have not yet put this into practise are behind the curve and should think about moving to hosted telephony systems as soon as possible
  2. Data – We should finally see the final rollout of superfast broadband as the government have announced that they aim to bring superfast broadband to over 95% of the UK by 2017
  3. Mobile – Whilst we won’t see the roll out of 5G until 2020 (the standardized version of 5G will be finished next year), we should see improvements in 4G coverage as the main mobile providers work to increase and improve coverage across the UK
  4. Internet of things (IoT) – This technology (also known as M2M) has already made its mark and will continue to make waves throughout 2017 and beyond, particularly in logistics, manufacturing, retail and wholesale sectors and will be particularly useful in solving supply chain problems. Reports predict that Internet of Things will be the largest device market in the world by 2019.


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