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Our top tips for controlling excessive overseas roaming costs

Date August 2nd 2016 by in Category Telecommunications

In todays global economy, overseas travel is becoming more and more frequent as part of day-to-day business operations. Unfortunately, staying connected abroad can come at a cost.  It is therefore vital that your business has all the provisions in place to tackle the current fees imposed on those devices used to roam outside of the UK network.

You may have heard horror stories or indeed experienced first hand how data, calls and text allowances have been exceeded and overspend has amounted to astronomic bills for hundreds of pounds. It is more important than ever to be placed on a contract that can cope with the demands of working abroad whilst using today’s data hungry, mobile devices.

However, it's not all doom and gloom for those doing business in Europe! From the 15th of June 2017, the EU is scrapping roaming charges all-together. As part of the European Commission’s adopted legislative package for a “Connected Continent: Building a Telecoms Single Market”, the vote was made by the European Parliament in October 2015 to enforce the abolition of the premiums placed on mobile users. Consumers will therefore be charged the same price for calls, texts and mobile data wherever they are travelling within the EU. Even though Britain is soon to leave the EU and as such these regulations will no longer apply to UK mobile operators, experts predict that UK operators are likely to adhere to such legislation in order to deliver a consistent user experience throughout their operations.

Whilst this is good news for travel to Europe, excessive charges could still apply for business travel further afield and it is important that businesses are able to control the spend of their employees. By understanding the intricacies of the market, and the provisions that can be placed on to a network, a business can safely manage costs. This ensures budget certainty and eradicates the potential for unwelcome premium charges.

Our top tips for preventing overspend on your mobile contracts when travelling overseas:

1. Choose a supplier that will allow portal access to your account, meaning the over-spending device can be shut down remotely if required, therefore preventing any further charges.

2. Speak to your supplier about assigning caps and subsequent alerts to accounts. This will not only help to prevent any over-spend but will also warn the user and main account holder when and if a user exceeds agreed usage levels.

3. Set up an internal overseas travel policy so that individuals travelling abroad must notify the relevant manager to arrange bolt-ons to be added to the particular device. This will enable the user to continue using the device as required but at a pre-agreed (and often cheaper) cost.

Through developing an understanding of the basic powers of mobile networks and what can be done to regulate expenditure, businesses can take back control of their mobile contracts. Increasing demands on employees to work on the go has heightened the need for such mobile connectivity and this pattern is only going to continue for the foreseeable future. Businesses who take control now will reap the benefits now and in the long-term.

Our team of expert consultants have long standing relationships with an extensive panel of mobile providers and work with our clients to provide a fail safe contract set up where additional data, call and text charges are at a minimum. If you would like to find out more, please call us on 03330 433 233. 


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